Delight Diners This Spring and Summer With 4 Takeout Upsells

Apr 29, 2022

Increase your order size with these premium upsell ideas for your diners' picnics and backyard parties.

Better weather isn’t the only thing to celebrate this time of year! This summer, take the opportunity to drive more sales by meeting diners where they are—outside. 

When your restaurant preps for these special occasions, think outside the box and try adding premium upsells. You’ll delight diners while increasing your average order size just by following these ideas for warm-weather upgrades.

If you’re offering a Mother’s Day brunch…

Try adding: a mimosa or Bloody Mary brunch kit to go, if local laws allow! If you have a nearby florist, partner with them for a brunch-and-bouquet special that’s sure to make mom’s day. Milo and Olive promotes ordering ahead for a take-and-bake brunch that families can reheat at home, while Sweet Lady Jane Bakery promotes preordering on their app for Mother’s Day themed cookies and pastries.

If you’re promoting Father’s Day reservations…

Try adding: beer pairings to your menus, or a take-home kit of grill-ready ingredients. Baltaire Restaurant advertises a steak dinner for dine-in, but also promotes their house steak sauce and marinades, all bottled and ready to go home with a takeout order. If you have dad-friendly swag like baseball caps and branded tumblers, make them available in your online menu for an easy purchase. 

If you’re gearing up for graduation party catering…

Try adding: gift cards for the grads to your online menu as an easy, last-minute present, like Connie and Ted’s.  For those hosting or heading to a backyard gathering, add large-format options of your bestselling sides so that it’s easy to create an a la carte spread for a crowd. If your restaurant does baked goods like cakes or cookies, create a limited-time upsell for a customized message in icing, or nice packaging to make it “Congrats, Grad” themed! 

If you’re staying open through three-day weekends…

Try adding: ready-made picnic baskets for road trips, or take-and-bake family meals for quick weekend getaways. Maple Block Meat Company makes cooking out easy with a customizable BBQ party pack. For those staying in town, why not recommend grab-and-go cheese and charcuterie boards for easy entertaining?

Add upsells like gift cards, merchandise, and cocktails to go to help your diners celebrate with takeout in style.

Don’t forget to leverage daily opportunities for growing your average ticket size, too. Optimizing your menu to highlight your most profitable items, and charging for small costs that add up over time–like extra sauces or sides–helps you protect your bottom line and ultimately serve your diners better. For more help maximizing your menu and promoting takeout to your diners, chat with one of our ChowNow experts.

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