Mobile Apps

Give loyal and on-the-go diners a convenient way to order with your restaurant’s own app.


More orders.
Diners order more with branded apps.


More sales.
Apps unlock an extra ordering channel.


You’ll never pay for app orders.

Put Orders
On Repeat

Our team of experts builds your app to make reordering a breeze, while highlighting your brand and food photos.

  • iOS & Android apps with your logo and up-to-date menu
  • More ways for diners to order
  • Full access to diner contact and marketing info
  • Free push notifications to your diners

How it Works

1. Create
Your App

Our experts build, publish, and maintain your restaurant’s branded iOS and Android apps.

2. Spread
the Word

We’ll help you promote your app with automated email campaigns and in-store signage.

3. Serve
Your Fans

Diners download your free app, and get what they love with saved payment and quick reorder options.

4. Stay
in Touch

Use complimentary push notifications to tell your diners about menu updates, specials and deals.

Mobile Apps

Building a branded mobile app is included with ChowNow Pro* to help you drive more commission-free orders. Let our experts build and maintain your apps for you.

*To launch an app on the iOS App store, a $99/year flat fee is required for the Apple Developer Program.

Get Your
Mobile App

Branded mobile apps are included with ChowNow Pro–so you can boost repeat orders and drive diner loyalty with ease.

Already a ChowNow Pro partner? Reach out to our restaurant success team to get your branded mobile app.

Got questions?
We can help.

Not only do most apps charge 30% of your order, they also keep your diner data for themselves. A branded app from ChowNow puts your brand front and center, never costs you commissions, and gives you full access to your diner info for marketing.

If you’re already a ChowNow partner on our Pro subscription, you can get started with these steps.

Once you’ve done the above, ChowNow will take it from there to start building your app.

Our marketing experts will help you launch your app. We recommend starting off with an app-only promo, then using our automated email marketing, print marketing, and in-store signage to get the word out. Promoting your app on social media is also a great way to link diners directly to your Google Play and Apple App listings.

With a branded app from ChowNow, you can put your brand front and center. We’ll add your restaurant’s logo, match your brand colors, and upload your menu photos to entice hungry diners.

We don’t currently have texting functionality, but we do have push notifications. To send a free push notification to your diners, get in touch with your restaurant success manager.

You can manage your menu within your ChowNow dashboard. Any updates made here will automatically show across all your ChowNow ordering channels, including your branded apps.

Eat Independent
Eat Independent
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