Flex Delivery

Profitable Delivery

Add our smart dispatching that automatically selects the best available delivery providers and drivers with flat pricing.

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  • Use your drivers or our vast courier network
  • Control your delivery fees
  • Set your own hours and zones
  • 24/7 support for you and your diners
  1. Smarter

    Our system automatically selects the best delivery provider and driver for each order you receive through ChowNow. We’ll even dispatch a backup if you need it. 24/7 support for the last mile.

  2. Flex Delivery

    Conveniently expand beyond your home zone by customizing the delivery radius.
    Add up to 8 miles when you need it.
    Turn it off when you don’t.

  3. No Extra

    No more paying for larger tickets or longer distances. Flat-fee pricing and zero commission fees ensure you keep your profit.

  1. 30% Saved Per Order

    Most apps charge up to 30% commission.
    We’re commission-free for restaurants.
    That means you keep 100% of your profit.

  2. An 8 Mile Range

    Extend your home delivery zone up to 8 miles.
    Customize your own hours and zones on the fly.
    Toggle radius and diner fees with your needs.

  3. Drivers Available

    Access a massive network of delivery providers.
    Always get the best provider and driver combo.
    We’ll even automatically dispatch backup drivers.

How it works

  1. Diners place an order

    Once a diner places an order, we’ll process the payment—so you can start cooking. Every order has a flat delivery fee and no commissions.

  2. We send out a courier

    Our smart dispatch system will automatically select the best option from a massive network of delivery providers and available drivers. You can use your in-house drivers or tap a huge pool of options.

  3. Diners get updates

    We’ll send updates to your diners to keep the in the loop on their order. We’ll also provide 24/7 support for both you and your diners—and it’s by real humans, not robots.

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