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Our Partners

Put your ops in order

Expand and streamline your operations with Flex Delivery options and easy POS solutions from a growing list of trusted partners.

Flex Delivery makes order fulfillment easier than ever

With our Flex Delivery and pickup options, order fulfillment is flexible, easy, and transparent.

Delivery across the U.S.

We'll connect you to a team of drivers through Uber Direct or DoorDash Drive, and provide you with ChowNow's full-service, 24/7 delivery support.


for you


for diners

*Flex Delivery cost is split between you and your diner. You can pass on more costs to your diner, but we recommend capping at $3.99 to optimize sales.

Send orders to your POS

Receive and fulfill every ChowNow order into one POS. Our partners can integrate with 30+ different options. Take your pick or we can find one that’s right for you.

Direct POS Integration

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POS Integration Partners

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Our partners are compatible with 30+ POS systems, including:

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brink pos logo
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northstart mls


Looking for a specific partner? Our experts can help.

Let’s get started

See how simple integrations can make a big impact for your restaurant. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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We’ll help your
restaurant grow online

Order Better Network

Expand your reach and take more orders on all of the world’s most popular online ordering hubs.


ChowNow app

Get more orders on our app and website, where you keep 100% of profits and diners pay no hidden fees.


Premium Online Ordering

All you need to power up your online presence—branded custom apps, marketing, memberships, and more.

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