Restaurant Guide: The Online Food Ordering Revolution

May 10, 2017

online food ordering

Need to satisfy an after hours chocolate craving? There’s an app for that. Too busy to pick up the phone but hungry for your custom-prepared lunchtime salad? Voila, there’s an app for that too. There’s no doubt that online food ordering is now one of the most popular ways to dine – and it’s spreading among the masses faster than most restaurant managers realize.

Still on the fence about if you should utilize online ordering as part of your restaurant business? Check out these stats to help you make the decision.

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Massive Growth Potential

There’s a reason why online marketers won’t stop talking about Gen Y & Z –  the buying behaviors of these two target groups matter, especially in fueling the online revolution of food ordering. Mobile order-ahead is projected to be a $38 billion industry in the U.S. by 2020and is largely driven by a younger generation of foodies. By engaging with customers online, and offering instant discounts and promotions through digital marketing, restaurants are attracting and retaining more loyal customers. 

order food online

Ordering Made Easy for All

Ease of use and convenience plays a huge role in why digital food ordering is experiencing such rapid growth – not just for the customer but for restaurant management as well. Restaurant owners are learning that in addition to increased customer satisfaction resulting from the convenience and accuracy of online ordering, they’re also seeing shorter wait times and increased average check sizes for online orders. What better way to increase accuracy than allowing the customer to input their order exactly how they want it? Digital food ordering is an incredibly reliable way to take orders that eliminates errors and benefits both parties involved. 

Fueled by the Mobile Revolution

Mobile order-ahead is projected to be a $38 billion industry in the U.S. by 2020. Not only do customers use their mobile devices for the actual act of ordering, they also use it to check out reviews, look at menus and view images. Restaurants that utilize online ordering are essentially placing their brands in the palm of their customer’s hand. Wherever a customer’s mobile device goes, they go. We call that valuable real estate.

mobile food ordering

We live in a hyper-paced and technology-driven era, where tasks that used to take a significant amount of time can now be completed in an instant. We rely on innovative online services like Airbnb and Apple Pay to help streamline our lives, so why would something as essential as ordering food be any different? Getting your restaurant online and taking orders is as simple as choosing an online ordering company that promotes your brand front and center.

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