Reimagine Your Restaurant’s Takeout Profits–Without Commissions

By Ariana ChomitzMay 26th, 2022

As a restaurant owner or operator, you deserve to be in the driver’s seat of your budget and your profits–which can be challenging when most online ordering companies’ fees charge up to 30% of every order. Those costs add up over time, eating away at what could be an extra headcount in the kitchen, a redesign of your space, or additional marketing to grow your brand. 

Since ChowNow pioneered commission-free online ordering in 2011, we’ve helped over 20,000 restaurants keep more of their profits and grow their takeout business. Ever thought about how much you could save without high fees? Check out these average ticket sizes and common third-party commission rates, and imagine what your money could be reinvested in at your restaurant instead.

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See how much your restaurant could be saving with these common commission rates for online ordering.

ChowNow has saved restaurants $470 million and counting in commissions so far. Our solutions for restaurants help you get back to doing what you love–serving great food to your community. See how ChowNow can help your restaurant reinvest where it matters with a free demo today.

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