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Meet ChowNow’s New Order Better Network

October 4th, 2021 Online Ordering System Written by Eliza Fisher |
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Online ordering is essential to running a restaurant, but how and where your restaurant gets online makes a big difference. Catching customers’ attention on the websites they browse most frequently can have a significant impact on order volume. At ChowNow, we’re here to make it easy with an innovative network that places your ordering practically everywhere online.

Meet the Order Better Network—the first and only integrated group of major internet, social, and hospitality brands that restaurants can use as additional channels for delivery and takeout orders. With options for diners to browse up-to-date menus, start their orders, and check out from anywhere, the Order Better Network has been proven to boost our restaurant partners’ online sales by an average of 30%.


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What is the Order Better Network?

More than just a single ordering channel, the Order Better Network offers an entire network of online ordering avenues for restaurants looking to expand. We start by adding ordering buttons across the world’s most popular sites and apps, and then give restaurants tools for protecting their profit on incoming orders. Simply put, it’s currently the industry’s only one-stop shop for quickly adding extra storefronts online.

Restaurants that join the Order Better Network get access to an ever-growing list of high-traffic ordering channels, while ChowNow handles the integration process. We work with the best partners for reaching eager new diners, including:  

  • Google, including Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant
  • Hilton Honors, Marriott Bonvoy, United Mileage Plus, Rakuten, and other top travel and retail dining loyalty programs, powered by Rewards Network
  • Neighborhood Nosh
  • Nextdoor
  • OpenTable
  • Seated
  • SinglePlatform
  • Snapchat
  • Tripadvisor
  • Yahoo!
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp

With all of these destinations in one network, your restaurant can continually unlock access to more and more potential customers. 

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See results that matter to your restaurant.

The Order Better Network offers all of the benefits of additional storefronts, minus the overhead and hassle. Just as you may open a new location to capture traffic and gain customers in another part of town, the Order Better Network helps you open up digital storefronts across the internet. 

You’ll connect directly with customers everywhere, turning digital foot traffic into sales—rather than relying on third-party marketplaces to send you new business at a premium. 

Gain new customers and grow sales.

The Order Better Network casts a wide net that effectively lets your restaurant be everywhere at once. This makes it simple to reach diners who are ready to order. With the help of convenient click-through ordering buttons located across popular ordering sites and apps, diners rapidly move from discovery to checkout.

Giving customers access to high-engagement ordering platforms also leads to an organic growth in brand awareness and interest. Plus, diners will likely become repeat customers when they see restaurants on their favorite websites and platforms.

Relax with easy setup and upkeep.

If your restaurant currently has online ordering integrated into different platforms, you’re probably well aware of how time-consuming it can be to manage them individually. The process of getting listed and maintaining your ordering links tends to be tedious. With the Order Better Network, you can skip the hassle, keep your menu updated, and stay open for orders everywhere. 

The expansive coverage of the Order Better Network means that your restaurant no longer has to worry about adding each ordering platform one by one. When you plug in, ChowNow’s platform activates all the in-network profiles that your restaurant has claimed—and even adds your ordering to several extra sites for good measure! That way, you can capture more revenue from multiple channels, all streamlined into one convenient online ordering processor. 

Make more from every order. 

The Order Better Network comes with Profit Protector, a powerful feature that maintains margins on incoming orders by automatically adjusting menu prices. This way, your restaurant never has to worry about having to eat the extra cost of fees. While optional, over 95% of restaurants on the Order Better Network use Profit Protector to grow their businesses and earn more on every order.

A quote from Jack Parrish, owner of Sunflour Baking Company - With this network, people see that we are embracing technology and making ourselves available everywhere. It's just good marketing.

Sunflour Baking Company—a family-run bakery and cafe in Charlotte, North Carolina—is one of the thousands of restaurants on ChowNow’s Order Better Network. This small batch, slow food bakeshop gains an average of 170 diners every month through the network.

Owner Jack Parrish shares, “ChowNow is available in more places where people specifically go to look for Sunflour. We get our menu out on Google, on all these various places that ChowNow integrates with. People see that we are embracing technology and making ourselves available everywhere. It’s just good marketing. You can’t get enough impressions, right?”

Plug into the Order Better Network today.

If you’re a current ChowNow restaurant partner, speak with your Restaurant Success Manager to sign up for the Order Better Network. 

Not a ChowNow restaurant partner yet? Just schedule a quick call with an online ordering specialist to get going.

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