Drive Big Game Day Sales With Takeout Preorders

Feb 4, 2022

Offering preorders for takeout helps diners plan their meals for the Big Game, and drives more sales for your restaurant.

Get ahead of the game– literally – by driving preorders for takeout ahead of big sports events and holidays. With so many digital dining tools now available, it’s easier than ever to forecast demand, prep your staff and your inventory, and get your diners excited about their upcoming meals. 

When you lock in orders ahead of time, you maximize revenue and minimize headaches. Here are our biggest tips for a preorder strategy that gets the most out of the upcoming kickoff.

How To Get More Game Day Takeout Preorders

1. Turn on your Order Ahead option on ChowNow

Letting your customers order ahead can help you to better forecast busy days, which then lets you adjust appropriately for inventory or staffing. With ChowNow’s Order Ahead feature, you can decide how far in advance customers can place pre-orders – up to 7 days in advance. 

Try this: in the week leading up to the Big Game, have your staff mention it in person to everyone who dines in or comes to pick up an order. A friendly reminder such as, ‘Don’t forget to reserve your takeout orders for Game Day,” might be just the nudge someone needs to finalize their party planning!

2. Post about preorders on social media

First, make sure your ordering link is easily accessible on your Instagram and Facebook profile as a button or as a link. Then, post early and often on your social media to send customers directly to your commission-free online menu. 

If you’ve created specials for Game Day, consider making them available starting the week before so that customers can reserve their orders ahead of time. As your diners are likely facing marketing from many other businesses and restaurants at this time, it may help to remind them that when they order through your ChowNow online ordering, they save money by skipping hidden fees, and you save money by skipping any commissions. Now that’s a big win for everyone.

3. Emphasize that ‘quantities are limited’

Play up the “FOMO” aspect by making it clear that these specials are limited and likely to sell out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Generate even more demand by reminding customers to ‘order early’ and ‘secure their item.’  Simple word choices can make a big difference in when customers take action. 

4. Run a preorder promotion ahead of big takeout days

Offer a promotion for the whole week before the Big Game. If you’re offering items like party kits or “take and bake” dishes that can be warmed up later (like queso!), encourage your diners to use the promo on pickup orders ahead of time. This saves them from missing kickoff, and reduces some of the day-of burden on your staff.

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