Superior delivery has arrived

By Haley SmithMay 26th, 2023

Delivery should be convenient—so, why does it come with so many drawbacks? From high commissions to spotty service, most apps aren’t working for restaurants. That’s why we designed delivery to be flexible, fair, and above all, good for your business. Plus, our approach can increase your orders by up to 100%!

How it works

We now work with multiple delivery providers in most markets to help you widen your reach. When an order is placed, we’ll automatically choose between DoorDash and Uber to give you the best available coverage and quickest response times. A bigger driver pool buffers you against the unexpected, like a surge in orders, or a system outage. With smarter dispatching, you can focus on the kitchen—not the road. The pricing was made to be predictable and simple:

  • $3.99 flat-rate pricing
  • No commissions for you
  • No hidden fees for your diners
  • Delivery range up to 8 miles
  • 24/7 customer support

We know that commissions can  eat up your profits, so we designed our delivery to promote sustainable growth. You’ll always pay the same for any order size or distance, all the way up to our 8 mile range.  Just take a look at what a $50 order could cost you on other third-party marketplaces versus ChowNow.

Support you can count on—rain or shine

Our 24/7 team of experts monitors each order proactively, and can help you and your diners via text, chat, phone and email. With all of our built-in backups working for you, your diners enjoy safe, speedy deliveries — as expected.

Discover a better way to deliver

Delivery shouldn’t just be convenient–it should be profitable and fair for everyone. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our commission-free Flex Delivery for your restaurant and diners. More profits for restaurants and no hidden fees for diners means everyone wins.

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