The Essential Starter Kit: 8 Tips for Restaurant Success on Facebook

By ChowNowJun 1st, 2017

restaurant facebook guide

I remember the day I created my Facebook account. I lived in Palo Alto at the time – Facebook’s birthplace – and a good friend of mine came over to me and said “You have to see this.”

A few clicks, some personal info, and a profile photo later, and my first Facebook account was live. An account that I still use over a decade later, along with 1.9 billion others [source] who continue to use Facebook every month.

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has grown to be the largest social network in the world. Not only that, it’s acquired other major companies over the years, like Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus VR, to name a few. So yeah, Facebook’s kind of a big deal.

As a restaurant, connecting with your customers on social media is key. Use these 9 guidelines to ensure your Facebook posts are engaging and optimized to drive orders.

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What are the key posting basics?

1. Keep posts around 2-3 sentences.

This post length for Facebook is the sweet spot. It allows you to be informative, but not overwhelm users with information. Your goal is to get people’s attention and give them something to engage with.

2. Include a photo or link within your post.

restaurant facebook guide

Posts with visuals and additional content to engage with perform better on Facebook. Make sure your post clearly ties in with whatever content you are highlighting.

3. Focus on being direct and engaging.

Try asking your restaurant customers a question, announcing exciting news, promoting a new menu item, or extending a special offer. Always be consistent with your brand voice on Facebook and across your social media channels.

4. Post at the appropriate time.

For instance, if you’re promoting a lunch special, get it out before lunchtime (before hunger strikes). Schedule posts beforehand so you always have a consistent flow of content and aren’t scrambling to get the timing right.

5. Frequency and consistency is key.

Did something you post receive a lot of engagement? Great! Make note of the timing and content of the post for next time. Social media tools like Sprout Social provide powerful analytics for you to easily understand which of your Facebook posts are performing best, and what time of day is ideal for posting.

How can I drive orders?

6. Post only your best food photos.

restaurant facebook guide

Or videos. This is key: make the customer want exactly what you posted! For tips on how to take amazing food photos, check out our food photography guide.

7. Anytime you are promoting food, include a link.

So, you got a customer to stop and look at your post. Chances are they’re hungry (again – they stopped to look!) and are interested in what you’re showing off. Always make sure they have an easy way to order what they see by including a link to your website’s online ordering page in your profile and in individual posts.

8. Engage your customers.

Run a contest, feature a positive customer review, celebrate a loyal customer and feature customer photos. These are all easy ways to make your patrons feel special – and to encourage more loyalty and repeat orders.

If you’re a ChowNow restaurant client and want some feedback on your Facebook posting strategy, schedule a call — we’re happy to help. If you don’t already have online ordering at your restaurant, now’s a great time to get started. Get a free ChowNow demo from one of our experts to get started today!

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