ChowNow For Restaurants: Your Top FAQs

Mar 10, 2021

ChowNow for Restaurants FAQ

When you’re researching online ordering providers like ChowNow for your restaurant, you’re bound to have questions. There’s a whole lot of information out there, and you definitely don’t have the time to parse through it all. That’s why we’ve put together straightforward answers to the questions we hear the most.

Frequently Asked Questions About ChowNow for Restaurants: The Basics

How does ChowNow work?

ChowNow builds restaurants their very own online ordering systems. They can take unlimited, commission-free orders for in-store pickup, curbside, delivery, and contactless dine-in through their websites and ChowNow-built mobile ordering apps. 

We also help restaurants grow their customer base in two important ways. One: We connect their online ordering to their profiles on the world’s most popular sites, like Google, TripAdvisor, Instagram, and more. Two: We have our own commission-free marketplace, so restaurants can meet eager new customers without hurting their margins. 

ChowNow gives restaurants full access to their customer data—which is surprisingly uncommon—and puts restaurants’ brands front and center. We have tools like email marketing, a free loyalty program, and print marketing to increase ticket sizes and repeat orders. Plus, our Restaurant Success Team will guide you through everything with dedicated account management, industry-leading expertise, and 24/7 support.

How long has ChowNow been in business?

We got our start in 2011, so we’ve spent the past decade helping restaurants thrive. Our company has grown rapidly in recent years, and we have over 500 employees dedicated to the same mission. 

In December 2020, we fulfilled our hundred millionth takeout order, and to date we’ve helped our partners earn over $3.9 billion. Thanks to our commission-free model, we’ve saved local restaurants over $320 million in fees.

At Motorino, we tell our customers: Please order through ChowNow. It's so much better for us.

Is ChowNow good for restaurants? 

Restaurants that work with ChowNow typically see a 25:1 return on investment in their first year with us. They save 25% or more on every sale compared to commission-based online ordering services. Our partners usually make enough money in their first month with us to pay for more than a year’s worth of service. Plus, they stay completely in control of their data, customer relationships, and operations.

When restaurants don’t have to sacrifice their profit to third-party delivery apps, they often pass the savings on to their guests. Ordering directly is better for them and helps keep them in business.

Where can I read ChowNow reviews?

Thanks to our clients’ feedback, we were recently recognized by software review site G2. Our restaurant partners voted ChowNow as number one in the categories of Best Relationship, Best Support, and Easiest to Do Business With. You can read more reviews on G2 here

For more ChowNow reviews, take a look at what our clients and journalists have said about us in the news and on social media.

  • “We are proud to partner with ChowNow. Who with NYC roots, allow us to better connect with our customers and highlight our business and the community we adore.” – Maz Mescal, New York City 
  • “Restaurants that pay for the monthly service get the benefits of being on a delivery app, plus a dedicated marketing team to set up an app and website, among other features.” – Business Insider 
  • “My sales have been increasing, like week over week. I’ve literally talked to every single restaurant in my building about signing up with them.” – Hummus Labs, Pasadena 
  • “We’re so grateful to ChowNow for providing an excellent service at a price that restaurants can afford.” – Ronan, Los Angeles 
  • “ChowNow is helping restaurants pivot towards pick-up and delivery, and their membership model is one of the most innovative ideas in the restaurant world.” – Forbes 

We also have case studies and client interviews to offer more in-depth perspectives and reviews.

Does ChowNow have account managers? 

We sure do! Every restaurant we work with gets paired with a Restaurant Success Manager, who is their single point of contact for all of their needs. They act as an online ordering coach, helping you continually improve your online ordering business. They assist with optimizations like:

  • Strategy to promote your online ordering with both print and digital marketing tools
  • Analysis of customer ordering trends
  • Recommendations to increase orders
  • Menu strategy to grow ticket sizes

Does ChowNow give restaurants customer data?

We help restaurants build a valuable database of customer information and insights, which you can use to increase ticket sizes and repeat orders. With your ChowNow database, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your most valuable customers and keep them coming back
  • Pinpoint your most popular ordering channels and invest more where it makes sense
  • Use email marketing to communicate with your customers and increase orders
  • Optimize your menu to easily upsell customers, prioritize high-margin menu items, and boost check sizes

As a note, we comply with all data processing laws, do not sell data to third-parties, and keep everyone’s information secure. View our privacy policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions About ChowNow for Restaurants: Pricing and Payments

“I’m about to hit $50,000 in sales with ChowNow. With a 30 percent commission, I would have lost $15,000. Compare that to the $700 I’ve paid for my ChowNow subscription!” - Joseph Badaro, Hummus Labs

What does ChowNow charge customers?

We give restaurants the power to set their own prices. Sometimes, our Restaurant Success Managers discuss pricing strategies with individual restaurant partners to make sure that they’re getting the most out of their investment. It’s all up to what’s best for a given restaurant—we don’t intervene or upcharge customers.

What’s ChowNow’s credit card fraud and chargeback policy for restaurants?

We offer full credit card fraud and chargeback protection, without any limits. If your restaurant is subject to fraud, we cover the costs and work with the credit card company. Similarly, if you get a chargeback, we cover it—no questions asked—and communicate with the card company.

How often does ChowNow pay out?

Our restaurant partners get next-day deposits every business day, Monday through Friday. 

Should customers tip on ChowNow? Who gets the tip?

We certainly encourage it! On pickup orders, all tips go straight to the restaurant. For delivery, the tips are sent to drivers. In both cases, we believe in rewarding people for their hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions About ChowNow for Restaurants: Ordering and Delivery

Where can my customers order?

With ChowNow, your customers can order from:

  • Your website
  • Your ChowNow-built branded mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • The free ChowNow app for iPhone and Android
  • Your listings and profiles on many of the world’s most popular sites, through our Order Better Network: 
    • Google Search, Maps, and Assistant
    • TripAdvisor
    • OpenTable
    • Single Platform
    • Nextdoor
    • Yelp
    • Rewards Network
    • Snapchat

You can also easily put your ordering link on your Facebook page, your Instagram profile and Stories, in emails, and anywhere else you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions About ChowNow for Restaurants: Marketing and Add-Ons

What if my restaurant doesn’t have a website?

Don’t worry, we can help. We work with trusted website providers GoDaddy and Fisherman to get your restaurant up with an easy, low-maintenance site. 

Does ChowNow have a loyalty program?

Yes! It’s called Memberships, and it’s a unique type of loyalty program that’s designed to get restaurants upfront cash while incentivizing repeat orders. Your customers pay an upfront membership fee to join—100% of which goes to you—and in return they get discounts when they order direct from your restaurant. They’ll order more food more often and front you cash in the short term. 

Have more questions? If you manage or own a restaurant and you want to learn more about using ChowNow, schedule an intro call with one of our online ordering specialists. If you’re a current restaurant partner, please reach out to your Restaurant Success Manager or our Support team.  Diners, get in touch with our Support team here.

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