Watch the Video – Maya Taqueria, Brooklyn, NY

By ChowNowApr 2nd, 2021

Storefront of Maya Taqueria, ChowNow Customer

Maya Taqueria is a two-location Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. A California-style taqueria that prides itself on serving the freshest ingredients, the restaurant has been in business for over a decade. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve relied on online ordering and have encouraged their customers to #orderbetter by ordering directly through their ChowNow online ordering system. In addition to having online ordering enabled on their website, Maya Taqueria sees an average 20 percent of their sales via their ChowNow-built branded mobile apps.

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Watch the video below to hear from Daniel Nassar, owner of Maya Taqueria.

My name is Daniel Nasser, we are at Maya Taqueria, a California-style taqueria. Big burritos with fresh ingredients is what makes us who we are.

We’ve been in Prospect Heights for 11 years. We’ve seen the neighborhood change and we’ve grown with the neighborhood. We’ve focused on the freshness of our ingredients and trying to make sure that we can serve the best possible type of cuisine.

Nothing canned, nothing frozen, everything we serve and make here is made fresh daily and that’s part of being a neighborhood staple.

Some of our biggest concerns relating to COVID-19 have been just how much everybody relies on us. I think we ultimately face that when we see that there’s employees that need their paychecks on a weekly basis to support their families, as well as keeping up with our bills and our vendors. Online ordering is here to stay and I think that if customers are able to order better through Maya Taqueria directly, or any restaurant directly, or through online platforms like ChowNow, it’ll help us save our profits rather than giving them away to third-party platforms that are commission-based.

ChowNow is a unique partner for local restaurants because we offer restaurants their own online ordering system, which allows them to offer their customers the convenience of online ordering without the costly commissions. We also equip them with tools to help them reach new diners and help them run a successful restaurant. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a demo with one of our online ordering specialists. 

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