4 Restaurant Halloween Ideas For Increased Profits

Oct 4, 2017

Restaurant Halloween

The fall season is underway and Halloween is just around the corner. Whether your restaurant sees a boost in dine-in traffic or takeout orders during this time of year, it’s time to dig out your spookiest decor and prepare to cash in with these four restaurant Halloween ideas — great for any budget.

1. Encourage More App Downloads

Your potion: 1 bowl, a bag of candy + 1 sheet of paper

The trick: Dig out your Halloween-themed bowl and fill it with candy. Place the bowl somewhere with high foot traffic and print a copy of our downloadable sign to place in the bowl. Customers can grab as much candy as they want…once they’ve shown you that they downloaded your mobile app.

The treat: Candy for your customers, app downloads for you makes for a very app-etizing experience. Customers who order through your mobile app order 3x more on average than other customers, so you’re the one getting the “treat” this time around!

2. Reward Customers — Old and New

Your potion: 1 email blast + some social media savvy

The trick: Start by offering customers a chance to win a $50 credit to your restaurant when they order online. Next month, you’ll announce two winners: one “loyal” (old) customer and one “new” customer. To spread the word, send out an email blast encouraging people to place more orders to increase their chances of winning. Your ChowNow dashboard tracks your customer’s lifetime, so choose two winners and announce them on your social channels!

The treat: You’re encouraging new customers and existing ones to place orders, so participation is high from all parties. Plus, you’ll build your email list, engage customers on social media, and award your most loyal patrons. If they weren’t your brand ambassadors already, they will be after this!

3. Deliver Halloween Spirit

Your Potion: 1 email blast + push notification

The Trick: Launch an email blast or push notification letting customers know that with each online delivery (or pick-up) order through November they’ll receive a surprise. This can be a free menu item or a flyer with a coupon code towards their next order. They’ll be hooked!

The treat: Simple promotion, great word-of-mouth! They’ll be telling all their friends to order online. If you’re considering delivery, remember: our restaurants offering delivery make 2x more revenue on average than pick-up only.

4. Distribute Flyers with Candy

Your potion: 1,000 flyers + a bag of candy

The trick: Marketing materials work wonders, especially if you have customers ordering from different online ordering providers. Set up an enticing promotion and include it on flyers. For every to-go order, hand customers the flyer and a piece of candy to go along with it.

The treat: Shorter-term promotions but bigger discounts encourage orders now. You can track promo code redemptions via ChowNow, so you can evaluate just how effective this promotion was for you.

Halloween is just around the corner – time to haunt customer’s dreams with visions of your delicious food.

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