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Automated email marketing

Grow your takeout with email marketing

Connect with your diners and keep them coming back for more–all without lifting a finger.

$34k more revenue

Boost revenue with consistent diner touchpoints

60% more orders

Automated emails encourage diners to order more often

44% open rates

Send emails that are proven to perform well above industry standards

Effortlessly build diner loyalty

Our expert team will create and send branded emails on your behalf to your ChowNow diner database. Emails are designed to highlight your brand and food, delight your diners and drive steady repeat orders.

  • Welcome your new diners with a first order email
  • Introduce diners to more ways to order from you
  • Remind diners to come back again soon
  • Drive repeat orders with monthly promotional emails
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How it works

01. New diners order

On your website, branded mobile app, or the ChowNow app.

02. We'll welcome them

to thank your diner, show them your app, and remind them to visit again soon

03. You stay top of mind

with monthly promotional emails that engage your customers and invite return trips

04. Diners reorder

while you increase your takeout and ticket sizes

Extra orders made easy

Choose one or both of our powerful automated email campaigns to save time on marketing and grow your sales. It’s simple.

  • Welcome emails: Connect with new diners after their first order with three branded emails that thank them for their support. See examples
  • Monthly promo emails: Send branded, top-performing promos to your loyal diners that keep them coming back for more. See examples
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Unlock automated email marketing with Pro

Automated email marketing is included with Chownow Pro–so you can boost repeat orders without extra cost or work.

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Ready to automate your email marketing?

Fill out our form to see how automated email marketing can unlock your repeat orders. Already a ChowNow partner? Reach out to our restaurant success team to turn on automated email marketing.

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Got Questions? We can help.

What do the emails look like?

Check out our support page to see details on what each of these emails look like and when they send. If a diner wishes to stop receiving these at any point they can unsubscribe from the footer of the emails and we will remove them from future sends.

How do diners subscribe or unsubscribe?

We’ll automatically send these emails to any diner who orders from you and has opted into receiving marketing. Diners can change these marketing settings, or unsubscribe at any time, by following the unsubscribe links at the bottom of the emails. They’ll still receive order notifications and updates.

I already do email marketing. Why should I use ChowNow’s automated email marketing?

With ChowNow’s automated email marketing, we do the work for you, letting you focus on what you do best —serving delicious food. Our email designs, messaging, and timing have been tested and perfected to maximize your results.

Does email marketing really work?

Yes! Restaurant partners who use our automated email marketing see an additional $34,000 in revenue each year, on average. Plus, it’s the easiest way to reach diners 24/7 and stay top of mind. Consistently popping into diners inboxes lets you encourage repeat visits, ultimately increasing orders and boosting your ticket sizes.

Other food ordering apps send emails too. What’s different about ChowNow’s automated email marketing?

We’ll always put your brand front and center, and give you full access to your diner data–something most apps don’t do. Each email highlights your logo, brand colors and food images that you send us, while you stay in control of your diner relationship. We’re just here to do the heavy lifting.

Can I promote in-house specials?

Our automated emails only promote online ordering specials, and use a scheduled calendar of our best-performing online ordering promos. To customize email or print marketing, head to our marketing store or reach out to your restaurant success manager.

Can I customize the emailed promotions?

Our scheduled promotions have been designed and tested to perform above industry standards, but we can customize your email promotions on request.

Do the automated emails promote my restaurant’s branded app or the ChowNow app?

If your restaurant has a branded mobile app, we will promote that from these emails. For restaurants who don’t have their own app, we’ll suggest the ChowNow app to your diners as another way they can support your restaurant, commission-free.

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