Enter Lead Information

Enter your tradeshow, industry event, and partner event leads using the form below.

You should be accessing this page using a custom generated link with UTMs specific to you and the event you are attending. If you have not generated a custom link, please do so before submitting this form.

Rules of Engagement:

Sales reps now have 5 days to enter any leads they collect and 30 days to work Opportunities created from the following events:

  • Industry events
  • Tradeshows
  • Partner Events (US Foods events)

These must be collected and entered via this lead form – they cannot come from CHECK.

If you have any questions about the rules of engagement above, please speak to your manager. The Rules of Engagement doc is located in the SRC on the Sales Process page.

Reach out to RevOps in slack (#rev-ops-requests) if:

  • you are having issues with this form or lead assignment
  • you need to bulk upload list of leads larger than 5
  • you cannot locate your custom link for the event you are attending
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