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Delivery with ChowNow

Tools and tips to drive your delivery sales

Tools and tips to drive your delivery sales

Turn on Flex Delivery

Tap into our partner delivery to serve more orders with less effort. Customize your delivery experience or stick with our tried-and-true defaults. Your Success Manager can set up or adjust your delivery with just a few questions. Get Delivery

Low effort, low cost, big payoff.

Flex Delivery grows with your business and gets your diners the food they crave–without the high fees.

Stabilize costs

One flat fee of $7.98 up to 8 miles

Lessen your workload

Automatic driver dispatching, order tracking, and payment

Operate reliably

24/7 delivery support

Build the perfect setup

Customize your diner fees, delivery zones, and hours

  • One flat rate up to 8 miles

  • Automatic driver dispatching, order tracking, and payment - all taken care of by us

  • 24/7 delivery support tracking every order & always on call

  • Control how much you and your diners pay, and set delivery zones and hours to match your business

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We're solving the delivery problem

With commissions of upwards of 30% per order and extra fees — an essential service quickly becomes an unsustainable one. But not with ChowNow. Take a look at what a $30 order could cost you on other third-party marketplaces versus ChowNow. 

Delivery across the U.S.

We'll connect you to a team of drivers through Uber Direct or DoorDash Drive, and provide you with ChowNow's full-service, 24/7 delivery support.


for you


for diners

*Flex delivery cost is split between you and your diner. You can pass on more costs to your diner, but we recommend capping at $3.99 to optimize sales.

Other Ways To Serve Your Diners

Here are all your options to get your food in their hands.

Pickup: Whether they choose ASAP or schedule food for later, there are no fees for you or your diners.

Curbside: Pickup made faster! Help driving diners get on their way without leaving the car.

Self-Delivery: Use your own in-house drivers, delivery zones, and pricing for the final mile.

Take control of
your delivery

Make these easy updates on your own, or contact our
24/7 support team for help.

Zones, hours, and fees–customize everything from your ChowNow Dashboard.

Restaurant partners can view reporting on any tips left on delivery orders by checking the ‘Flex Delivery Tip’ column of their disbursement reports.

Here’s how to adjust your “Ready for Pickup” time for your ChowNow tablet or your POS integration.

Have questions about delivery?

Contact our award-winning 24/7 Customer Support team via text, call, or chat. Learn more

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