Introducing the Square POS Integration for ChowNow

By ChowNowJul 17th, 2020

ChowNow Square POS Integration FAQ Blog

We’re excited to officially announce that ChowNow’s online ordering technology has Square POS integration, uniting our two platforms into a single, streamlined option for your restaurant. 

With ChowNow and Square working together, we’re eliminating the need to manually enter online orders into POS and accounting systems, so you can have one less thing on your plate (and one less tablet on your counter!).

Let’s take a closer look at how it all comes together…

Why is ChowNow integrating with Square?

These days, restaurateurs and their staff have more on their minds than ever before. While many of our restaurant partners appreciate the control and notifications they get with a separate tablet to process online orders, others prefer for all of their orders—both online and off—to flow into one system.

When it comes to POS providers, we know that Square has proven to be so valuable for the restaurants we work with. We’re excited to partner with them and offer this solution to you together!

What are the benefits of the ChowNow and Square POS integration?

Connecting your ChowNow online ordering system to your Square POS:

  • Streamlines your restaurant’s operations. You’ll no longer have to manually enter orders from the ChowNow tablet into your Square POS. You’ll also save time on End of Day reporting.
  • Gives you the best of both worlds. Many POS providers that offer online ordering treat it as an afterthought, and don’t offer their restaurant partners robust features or meaningful support. Since ChowNow has specialized in online ordering for a decade, our integration with Square connects everything we offer—including multi-channel ordering, marketing tools, and more—with Square’s quality POS technology. This way, you can give your customers and your staff a great experience.

The end result? More free time and more orders, so you can focus on what you love as a restaurateur and grow your business.

How does it work?

However your customers order using your ChowNow system—whether it’s through your branded mobile app, Google listings, Instagram Stories, or any other channel—everything flows right to Square.

ChowNow Square POS Integration - Order Notification on Screen

When a new order comes through, you’ll receive a pop-up notification on your Square system, and a ticket will automatically print out.

Orders that come through your ChowNow system will be automatically accepted. You can set your own default ready times for pickup and delivery to keep your staff and your customers on pace.

ChowNow Square POS Integration - List of Active Orders

Which Square products integrate with ChowNow?

This integration covers Square Register, Square Stand, and Square for Restaurants. 

How do I set up the Square POS integration?

It just takes a few clicks for you and the ChowNow team to integrate your Square and ChowNow accounts. A dedicated specialist at ChowNow will guide you through everything. Just reach out to your Account Coordinator or Restaurant Success Manager to get started.

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