ChowNow’s Preferred Partner Program gives restaurants tools and discounts to flourish

By Jennifer RubinOct 19th, 2023

ChowNow has recently launched our Preferred Partner Program—a handpicked group of industry leaders to help take your restaurant to the next level. This program provides ChowNow’s clients with special access and exclusive discounts to unique product integrations and services, from front- to back-of-house, and everywhere in between.

Meet our current Partners and see what they have to offer. Plus, be sure to check back often as our Preferred Partner Program is growing quickly.

US Foods

US Foods is one of America’s great food companies and a leading foodservice distributor, partnering with approximately 300,000 restaurants and foodservice operators to help their businesses succeed. With 28,000 associates and more than 70 locations, US Foods provides its customers with a broad and innovative food offering and a comprehensive suite of e-commerce, technology and business solutions.

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Toast empowers restaurants of all sizes to build great teams, increase revenue, improve operations, and delight guests. They pair their deep understanding of the restaurant industry with powerful cloud based software and restaurant-grade hardware to deliver an intuitive, all-in-one platform, across point of sale, guest marketing, payroll and HR, and more. ChowNow integrates seamlessly into Toast to route orders through your kitchen, manage your online menu faster and easier, reduce errors and cancellations, and have better order accuracy.

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Square is a point of sale system that gives restaurants the power to connect the front-of-house, back-of-house, and back office while freeing them up to focus on the customer experience. With Square for Restaurants, restaurants can manage more orders faster, stay informed about their labor and inventory costs, access their money instantly, and receive complete data to give restaurants an edge. ChowNow’s integration to Square allows restaurants to receive and fulfill every order into one POS and simplify their operations.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners get free credit card processing in the first 180 days, up to $2,000

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7shifts is a team management software designed for restaurants. They help managers and operators spend less time and effort scheduling their staff, reduce their monthly labor costs, and improve team communication. The result is simplified team management, one shift at a time.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners receive 2 months free when they sign up

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Always Food Safe

Always Food Safe is an ANSI Accredited, 100% online, video-based food safety certification training company that offers Food Protection Manager, Food Handler and Allergen Awareness certifications. They are North America’s first “real”​ online video-based, food safety course.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners save 20% on Food Manager Certification

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Boostly provides text marketing & feedback software for restaurants that works seamlessly with their POS & online ordering providers. Boostly is also already integrated with ChowNow so restaurants can market to diners who have ordered through ChowNow for a completely automated marketing experience.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners receive a 20% discount

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Cuboh helps restaurants consolidate all online ordering tablets into one device. 86ing, refunds, upcharges, prep times, and more, are done all in one place, so restaurants can ditch the other tablets. Cuboh automatically punches all orders straight in your POS in real time, which prevents restaurants from losing money on order errors.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners receive a free Cuboh subscription if only integrating to ChowNow

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Dining Alliance

Dining Alliance offers restaurants access to cash-back on over 175K restaurant food, supplies, and back-office solutions to help restaurants run more profitable businesses. Leverage the power of their purchasing contracts to reduce your costs on items you buy every day.

Special Offer:ChowNow restaurant partners can sign up for free

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ExpandShare is a cloud-based, mobile app designed to address the unique challenges restaurants face training employees, tracking operations, and maintaining brand consistency across concepts, locations, and franchisees. Their training solution organizes videos, shoulder-to-shoulder training, and job aids into simple paths that reduce the time to train and inspire on-the-job confidence.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners receive 15% off Pro and Pro Plus monthly or annual subscriptions

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MarketMan is an inventory management platform that helps restaurants keep costs under control and efficiently manage inventory by automating back-of-house operations. MarketMan’s cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution simplifies all back-of-house operations, streamlining everything from inventory to budgeting, reporting, and supplier management.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners get set-up fees waived ($500 value)

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Marqii revolutionizes the way restaurants, bars, coffee shops and dispensaries publish their menus, location data, and specials to potential customers. With Marqii, hospitality teams save valuable time by automating their digital operations tasks like updating their hours and online menus, and responding to their guest reviews. Consistent management of online listings, menus, and reviews dramatically improves SEO and placement in local search results.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners get 15% off Base, 20% off Professional, and 25% off Kitchen Sync

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NEXT Insurance

NEXT specializes in hassle-free business insurance tailored for restaurants. They can help restaurants get the right coverage at the right price. Plus, NEXT offers 24/7 online access to buy coverage and manage policies on restaurants’ schedules. Get a free quote today!

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Otter’s Restaurant Operating System helps restaurants make more money, delight guests, and navigate the ever-changing world of food—all in one place. Automatically integrate orders from online, delivery and digital channels to increase order accuracy, decrease missed orders and grow sales. Adjust prep time on the fly, easily manage menus, consolidate reporting and tools to increase sales and efficiency while providing a great experience to customers.

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Ottimate is an automated AP software that replaces manual data entry by digitizing invoices down to the line item, automatically assigning them to proper GL codes, and syncing the information to accounting software. Ottimate also offers one-click bill pay, advanced approval workflows, expense management, and cloud-based data storage that allows you to go paperless, and work together remotely over multiple time zones.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners get 10% off billing for the first twelve months

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Resy is a dining platform that powers real-world restaurant experiences around the world with 250+ years of restaurant experience, 24/7 support, a growing network of highly-engaged diners, and the powerful backing of American Express. Resy’s consumer-facing app and is a trusted source for restaurant discovery, loyalty, access and booking all in one place.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners get 10% off the monthly subscription, 15% off the annual subscription, and 20% off the 2-year subscription

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SoundHound provides conversational AI products that make it easier for restaurants to build a custom AI-powered voice assistant that handles 100% of phone calls, including greetings, hours, menu, location, delivery, locations, wait time promotions, reservations, and more. With SoundHound, restaurants can deliver fast, reliable, and more convenient dining experiences while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing staff dependencies.

Special Offer: ChowNow restaurant partners get a 30-day free trial and a 15% discount for the first 20 deployments

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