How to Input a ChowNow Order into Your POS System

By ChowNowApr 25th, 2017

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Restaurants across the nation are becoming increasingly aware of the pitfalls of POS-integrated online ordering systems. Unlike POS systems, ChowNow specializes in online ordering, and can get your restaurant online and taking orders in no time. Share this post with your restaurant staff so that they are in-the-know about how to input a ChowNow order into your restaurant’s POS system.

First things first:

  1. Contact your POS company and ask them to create a new tender/payment button.
  2. Name the button “ChowNow” and set the payment type to not expect payment.

Then, reference the easy steps below to accept a ChowNow order and input it into your POS:

How to Input a ChowNow Order into Your Point of Sale System

ChowNow Tender Button1. When the ChowNow tablet rings with a new order, accept the order by selecting the amount of time you need to prepare it. Doing this will also notify your customer via email.

2. Next, reference the order details on the tablet (or receipt, if you’ve purchased a ChowNow printer) to input the order into your POS system. Don’t forget to add in tip!

3. Once the information is entered, select the “ChowNow” tender button to classify the order as pre-paid. The order will total itself out and your tickets will fire as normal.

4. At this point your kitchen staff may start preparing the order.

5. That’s it! You may also opt-in to receive daily, weekly, and monthly order reports from ChowNow via email.

What if you don’t want to enter your order into the Point of Sale system and would rather have tickets print out automatically?

ChowNow also offers a fully integrated wireless printer option. This printer can be placed wherever is most convenient for you: next to the tablet, on the host stand or bar, even in your kitchen. It will print a receipt automatically once an order is accepted, and you may also print additional copies — which is especially convenient for your kitchen or takeout bags.

To learn more about why restaurants prefer the ChowNow direct ordering system, contact us at (888) 707-2469 to chat with one of our experts or request a free product demo today.

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