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Tutorial: How to Enroll in ChowNow’s Apple Developer Program

July 9th, 2018 Written by Ebony Kizzee

 Eager to establish a stronger connection with your customers and increase repeat orders? With branded mobile apps, Diners are much more likely to reorder. Our restaurants who have purchased an iOS and Android app typically see a 10% increase in order frequency per diner. Put your menu in their hands, wherever they are. 

With branded mobile apps from ChowNow, your restaurant is effectively purchasing real estate on customers’ phones. Your restaurant will stay top of mind, and it’ll be easier than ever for them to order straight from you. You can follow the guide below to get a branded iPhone iOS app, built and developed by ChowNow. 

Please Note: If you already have an Apple Developer account linked to your restaurant brand, please skip to Step 5.

Step 1:  Prepare your business domain email and business’s DUNS number.

A business domain email address establishes brand credibility, can be created and used to redirect ChowNow Order emails, can be listed on your website as a contact email for diners with non-order email requests, or a support email for customer servicing questions. You’ll use this—and your DUNS number—to get the ball rolling.

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  • Have your restaurant domain email address ready: Use an email address you frequently access with a business domain (i.e. name@business.com). This cannot be a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, other domain. 
    • Please note: If you do not have a business domain email address, you cannot enroll in the Apple Developer Program until you create one.  If you do not have one, please contact your ChowNow App Specialist directly to provide you options on how to purchase one.

  • Look Up Your DUNS number: A DUNS number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses. Don’t know if you have a DUNS number? Simply search for it here by using your restaurant address or phone number. If you need to create one, it’s easy to do so and free of cost. Simply click here to get started.
    • Please note: Please take the “registration name” your DUNS number is under (whether it’s your restaurant’s name or LLC name) and email it over to your App Specialist, as the ChowNow team will need it for their records.
    • Please note: Due to Apple’s policies, we are unable to build and publish apps on behalf of businesses that are legally registered with their state as a Sole Proprietor. If you have purchased the ChowNow branded mobile apps and are registered as a Sole Proprietor, please contact your App Specialist to discuss next steps. 
  • Update your DUNS number: You will need to update your DUNS number before submitting your enrollment to the Apple Developer Program. To update your DUNS number, you will need to submit a case to Dun & Bradstreet, providing current company information. It does take about 7 days for the DUNS to be updated, so the sooner you submit the form, the better!  You can update your DUNS Number here.
    • Please Note: When completing the submission form to Dun & Bradstreet, the last requirement is to provide comments on why you are submitting an update to your DUNS number. You can simply put “Updating DUNS to complete the enrollment to the Apple Developer Program.

Step 2: Create a business Apple ID.

If you already have an Apple ID using your business domain email, please skip to Step 3. If not, these steps will show you how to create a business Apple ID and complete two-factor authentication.

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  • Create an Apple ID using your business domain email address (i.e. info@hudsonscafe.com).
    • Once you fill out the form to create an Apple ID, Apple will send a verification email to your Apple ID email address with a 6-digit confirmation code. Once you receive this email, enter this code into the web form.
    • Finally, click on ‘Verify’ to create your Apple ID.
    • Please note: If you are not able to create an Apple ID after inputting the verification code, please contact Apple Support directly at 1-800-275-2273 in order to resolve the problem.
  • Apple requires two-factor authentication to be turned on to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. It is important to point out that this is different from two-step verification. In order to get past this step, you must use an Apple product—either an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9 and later, or a Mac with OS X El Capitan and later. We recommend using an iPhone if available.
    • Please note: You can also use a co-worker’s Apple device to complete this step! If you cannot get access to an Apple device, please let your App Specialist know.

Here’s how to complete two-factor authentication.

On your trusted device, please go to “Settings” and select on your name (the top box).  Scroll to the bottom of the Apple ID page and select “Log Out.” You will be prompted to input your password in order to sign out of “Find My iPhone” then select “Turn Off.” A new screen will appear titled “Keep a copy of your data on this iPhone?,” here you will slide over the data that you would like to copy to the iCloud, then select “Sign Out” in the top right hand corner.

Now, sign in with your business Apple ID that you created with your business domain email address. It will prompt you to “Merge” we recommend selecting “Yes”. By merging, it will ensure that if you lose access to the login information, you will be able to access the account with your personal Apple ID. Once signed in, select your name at the top. Select “Passwords & Security.” There will be a tab that says Two Factor Authentication, select turn on. It will prompt you to verify, verify your information in order to turn on Two Factor Authentication. Confirm that next to Two Factor Authentication, it says “On.” Then this step is completed and you may sign into your personal Apple ID. 

Step 3: Using your newly created Apple ID, complete your Apple Developer form.

During this step, you’ll fill out a form with Apple, receive an Apple “Enrollment ID,” and be well on your way to having your very own mobile app!

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  • Sign in with your Apple ID onto the Apple Developer page.
  • Confirm your personal information and company information 
    • When it asks for your number, we recommend inputting your cell phone number rather than the restaurant line, as this will be the easiest way for Apple to contact you.
  • Proceed to filling out the ‘Organization Information’ section. Select “Company/Organization” from the Entity Type dropdown. Here, you will input your restaurant’s DUNS number.
    • Please Note: DO NOT select “Individual/Sole Proprietor/Single Person Business.”
    • Please Note: After you input your DUNS number, there is a possibility that an error message will be prompted that states, “This organization could not be verified as a legal entity…” This is very common. If you experience this error message, please click “update your D&B profile” (image below).  After you submit this update, it normally takes D&B about 7 days to update the DUNS number. This developer form and process has to be put on hold at this point until the updated DUNS number is received—though please make sure to contact your App Specialist, letting them know this error was encountered and the update was submitted.

  • Confirm your company information and that you have the authority to sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization.
  • When it asks for your organization’s number, we recommend inputting your cell phone number rather than the restaurant line, as this will be the easiest way for Apple to contact you.
  • After you submit the enrollment, you will receive an “Enrollment ID,” this is important to keep track of as Apple may ask for it when verifying the account.

Step 4: Verify your Apple Developer account.

Just pick up the phone, check your email, and complete a payment to Apple. You’re almost done!

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  • Receive a phone call from Apple: Once you submit the enrollment form, an Apple representative will call the phone number you provided. While on that call, you will need to provide them with the following information:  
    • Your first and last name, the company’s legal organization name, if you have the authority to make legal decisions for your organization, the purpose of the app, and a secondary contact person for this Apple Developer account
      • Please Note: If you do not hear from them within 24 hours, we recommend logging back into your Developer account and requesting a call from Apple in order to speed up this process. To do so, you can simply select the “Contact Us”, “Membership & Account” “Program Enrollment” and select on request call.
  • Receive an email to accept terms: After the successful verification call, you will receive an email from Apple containing a license agreement. Select “Review Now” in the email and continue through the terms. After agreeing, you will automatically proceed to the payment page.
    • Please Note: After verifying the account on the phone, you can also access this agreement in your Apple Developer account and pay the fee there. 
  • Complete your payment for the Apple Developer Program: You’ll see a final cost of $99 and have the option to select auto-renewal for this annual $99 fee for your developer account — we highly recommend choosing this option to ensure your app does not get removed from the App Store. Select “Purchase” and confirm your login information to submit your billing information and complete the developer process.

Step 5: Invite ChowNow as a contributor.

You’re practically finished! Just add us to your Apple Developer account, so we can do the heavy lifting.

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  • First, invite ChowNow to your new App Store Connect account.
    • Log in to App Store Connect with your Apple ID.
    • Select “Users and Access” and click on the + symbol to add a contributor. Enter “ChowNow” in the “Name” field, and in the “Email Address”  field, enter the ChowNow developer email address that your App Specialist provided you in your ChowNow purchase confirmation email.
      • Please Note: Be sure to select both “Admin” in addition to “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.”

  • Second, confirm with your App Specialist that the invitation was received.
    • At this point, please call or email your App Specialist in order to make sure the invite was received properly. Once we have received and accepted the invite, we will take it from here to build and publish your app.

That’s it! We will let you know as soon as the app has been published, within 2 weeks of receiving your invite via email. If you have any questions related to this process, please reach out to your App Specialist directly.


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