Optimizing Your Restaurant On The ChowNow Marketplace

By Ariana ChomitzNov 11th, 2021

Optimize your restaurant on the ChowNow Marketplace

The ChowNow Marketplace is the only fair-for-all marketplace built for local restaurants like yours. When you get commission-free orders from our app and website, you keep 100% of the profits, and diners save money by avoiding unnecessary service fees–meaning more value stays in your community. 

You’re empowered to define your Marketplace experience with self-service settings and around-the-clock support. Whether your goal is growing your profits, getting more orders, or connecting with more diners, we’re here to partner with you on all of the above.

Get more orders from our fair-for-all marketplace app and website, where 100% of profits from every order go back to you. Sign up for the ChowNow Marketplace today.

Ready to jump in? Here are three easy ways to increase your sales on the ChowNow Marketplace:

1. Create online promos for diners.

Encourage new and old diners to try out your new ordering option with an incentive on their first order through the ChowNow Marketplace. Remember, with Marketplace, you’re keeping 100% of the order revenue while your diners get a break from high third-party fees, so it’s a win-win!

Our data shows that offering a promo is the best way to kickstart your online ordering—and the most successful promos keep it simple, with an easy $5 or 15% off one order. 

Learn how to set up a promo yourself in your dashboard by watching our tutorial.

2. Maximize your menu.

The way you present your digital menu can have a big impact on your bottom line. Your menu will practically sell itself when you add menu photos and move your bestsellers to the top of the list. 

  • Add Photos: Food photos help you show off what makes your restaurant so unique–and they’re proven to increase clicks and sales. Learn how to upload photos to your ChowNow menu
  • Add Upsells: Suggestive selling, like adding optional sides or extra condiments, can increase ticket sizes and give diners what they’re looking for. See how to optimize your menu in just a few edits. 

3. Leverage your ChowNow ordering link.

Don’t just wait for diners to find you on the Marketplace! Placing your commission-free ChowNow link on your website captures existing traffic, and helps both you and your diners save money on every order.

Update your Facebook and Instagram accounts to include your Chownow ordering link, too, so that followers can easily find it. Whenever you post, include “Start your order through the link in bio” to remind diners how easy it is to get their food to-go (and order better)!

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