New Product Bundle

ChowNow Pro
+ Cuboh

Consolidate your 3rd and 1st party ordering with our new bundle. Auto-accept all orders and integrate your online ordering with your POS.

Our full Pro suite plus tablet consolidation powered by Cuboh. You get superior   online-ordering, marketing tools and streamlined   operations all-in-one place.
Key Benefits

Ditch multiple tablets and confusing software. Manage your online ordering channels and POS integrations in one simple system so your team can focus on creating amazing food.

  • Reduce time spent managing online orders
  • Boost profitability & productivity
  • Minimize menu & order errors
  • Improve diner satisfaction

New with Cuboh

  1. Expanded
    POS integrations

    Integrate orders with 14+ leading POS integrations including Square, Clover, and Revel. Our 99.9% 
order success rate means diners get exactly 
what they ordered.

  2. Tablet centralized order
    management & reporting

    Manage all your ordering channels with ease. Make order adjustments, see driver info, and more in one tablet. Know what’s working with real-time analytics and insights in a single dashboard.

  3. Simple menu

    Easily create, manage, and update your menu across all online platforms from one central hub. No more tedious updates or menu errors.

Restaurant – First Partners

ChowNow and Cuboh are both dedicated to solving real-world problems for restaurants, while avoiding hefty commissions.Cuboh is the top choice for restaurants in order consolidation and direct POS integrations.


Book a 15-minute demo to learn about our most comprehensive bundle yet, with up to 26% savings. Get Cuboh and ChowNow for just $204/month.

Already a ChowNow customer? Reach out to the Success Team to take advantage of this bundle.

Discover the
Full Suite


Take more orders and keep more profits from everywhere your diners are online.


Drive more orders with custom marketing, automated emails and print options.


Get flat-rate fees, custom zones, and up to eight miles with a massive driver pool.

Eat Independent
Eat Independent
Ditch multiple tablets—our new bundle puts all your takeout in one place. Grow and manage your business with Pro + Cuboh.  Learn More