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Online Ordering System for Restaurants:

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Order Anywhere, From Any Device


The best food ordering system shouldn’t be just one system.

  • With ChowNow’s omnichannel ordering systems, your diners can start their orders from anywhere online. Even better, no matter what channel your diner uses to place an order, it will still show up on the same ChowNow tablet.
  • Website
  • Branded App
  • Text to Order
  • ChowNow App
  • ChowNow's Order Better Network



Enable takeout ordering for your restaurant

  • Takeout remains the most popular choice for ChowNow users when ordering online.
  • Diners can order ahead for a specific time, or for ASAP while you and your staff can either accept the customer’s time, or adjust the food readiness time based on current kitchen traffic.
  • Review past orders or prep for future orders by switching between queues on your tablet.



Restaurant delivery made easy

  • Select delivery areas by radius, polygon, or zipcode, and adjust your charges based on distance, minimum order, or current promotions.
  • Don’t have drivers on staff? Tap into our nationwide network of trusted delivery couriers, and enjoy full control over the fees.
  • It’s easy to set up your in-house delivery hours, zones, and fees.
  • Choose to pass some, all, or none of the flat-fee pricing to the customer.
  • Turn delivery on when you need it, and off when you don’t.

Curbside Ordering


How does curbside work?

  • Curbside pickup is an increasingly popular choice for diners due to its convenience, cost-savings compared to delivery, and personal safety from the minimized touchpoints.
  • When enabled, “Curbside Pickup” appears as a third online ordering option next to Pickup and Delivery.
  • Customers are prompted to enter their vehicle type and color, and to call the restaurant on arrival.
  • Curbside orders will be clearly labeled on the ChowNow tablet so that staff can be alert for a driver.

QR Code Dining


How does QR code dining work?

  • QR codes are everywhere at restaurants these days--customers love the convenience of scanning a tableside code to view that day’s menu, start their orders, and settle their bills, all without waiting for a waiter.
  • ChowNow provides restaurant QR codes to help manage your dine-in operations.
  • Dine-in orders appear specially marked on your ChowNow tablet so you can plan how to prioritize your tickets.



Why Customer Data Is Critical to Your Restaurant’s Success

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“Our online ordering through our website and mobile app is our lifeline. We chose ChowNow to be our partner in this—clearly we made the right choice.”

Laura Baldasare,

Apiary Larchmont

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