Why Branded Restaurant Mobile Apps Are the New Normal

By ChowNowMay 2nd, 2019

Why Custom Restaurant Mobile Apps Are the New Normal

Just a few years ago, custom mobile restaurant apps may have seemed like a novelty, but today, they’re an indispensable part of a successful concept’s toolkit. With online ordering growing the efficiency of restaurants everywhere, it makes perfect sense that 33% of these businesses have already taken the next step by getting their own custom online food ordering apps.

Custom restaurant mobile apps differ from third-party delivery apps (like Grubhub and Uber Eats) in that they’re created exclusively for a single restaurant location or brand. Rather than offering consumers an overwhelming array of dining options, these branded online food ordering apps feature your food, menu, and logo—and don’t eat into your profits.

Here's why you need a restaurant ordering

While it might seem like third-party food delivery apps are everywhere, the vast majority of consumers actually prefer to order straight from a restaurant. In practice, ordering directly through restaurant websites and custom apps is 158% more popular than online ordering through third-parties. Let’s take a closer look at why this is.

Restaurant mobile apps let you meet customers where they are.

Smartphone owners are constantly on their devices, spending three to four hours a day on mobile. Because of the frequency with which they use their phones, many consumers find mobile apps to be the most convenient way of doing business. It’s not surprising that 22% of customers of all ages (and 27% of millennials) would choose one restaurant over another due to the availability of a restaurant mobile app for online food ordering.

Custom restaurant mobile apps put your brand in the palms of your customers’ hands.

Online Food Order App

The amount of time that consumers spend on smartphones makes mobile real estate extremely valuable: If a customer has your restaurant mobile app on their phone, that means they spend hours seeing your logo every single day. Your app acts as a digital advertisement that follows them wherever they go, and they’re always just a few taps away from placing a commission-free order at your restaurant.

Custom restaurant mobile apps from ChowNow do more than just keep you on top of your customers’ minds, though. Armed with push notifications and customer email addresses, you have the power to send timely, relevant communications that increase orders.

Restaurant Mobile App

Branded apps boost customer loyalty.

Branded mobile apps give your restaurant a direct connection to your digital customers, rather than funneling them through a third-party. This is why ChowNow’s custom apps lead to a 300% increase in customer loyalty, sending repeat orders through the roof.

Want to know if an online food ordering app is right for your restaurant? Read our ebook, “The Restaurateur’s Guide to Custom Mobile Apps,” to evaluate your technological needs and learn essential best practices for maximizing your mobile investments.

Ready to get started now? Schedule a demo with an online ordering specialist today to get your very own commission-free custom mobile app.

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