ChowNow Brings Restaurants Integrations With Over 30 New POS Systems

By ChowNowOct 20th, 2021

Logos of ChowNow's new POS integration options, including Clover, Revel, and more.

Online ordering is skyrocketing in popularity—sales through online takeout and delivery platforms grew 20 percent last year. With digital orders representing such a growing portion of sales, point-of-sale (POS) integration is now an essential for operational efficiency.

We’re excited to announce that ChowNow now has POS integration partner options that can connect your ordering to more than 30 different POS systems. Instead of coping with disjointed operations—or being forced to use a bare bones ordering platform—you can now choose the best white label, commission-free solutions for your business.

We’re working with a growing list of POS integration partners in order to give you as many options as possible. Our debut partners are Otter and Cuboh, whose systems integrate with many of the most popular POS systems, including Revel, Micros, MobileBytes, Clover, Brink, and Positouch.

Let’s take a look at what this means for your restaurant.

The Benefits of ChowNow’s Online Ordering POS Integration

With our new integration network, your restaurant can easily balance growth and operations by collecting, accepting, and organizing all of your online orders in one queue. Using one of our POS integrations will help you:

  1. Streamline your operations: By sending all of your orders to one system you will cut out the step of manually entering each order from your online ordering platform into your POS.  This also reduces the likelihood of errors when entering orders, so you’ll make life easier for both your guests and staff. 
  2. Grow your sales: ChowNow’s ordering and marketing services maximize your commission-free sales by attracting new customers, increasing ticket sizes, and growing order frequency. When all of this is integrated into your POS system, you’ll create new digital ordering capabilities to boost your sales.
  3. Free up your schedule: Fewer manual processes, smoother operations, and healthier finances lead to more free time for you and your staff. You can devote your energy to more valuable things, like taking care of your guests, developing new business strategies, or taking a well-deserved break. 

Of course, all of these benefits help your guests out as well. Delighting them and cultivating loyalty is a cinch when your restaurant runs smoothly and caters to their ordering preferences.

How Our Partner POS Integrations Work

We launched our first POS integration with a direct integration with Square. In order to quickly offer our partners a wider array of other POS systems, the ChowNow team tapped into our network of POS integration partners.

These POS integration partners allow software providers—such as ChowNow and many POS systems—the ability to quickly sync with each other. Rather than creating a direct connection to a single POS provider, we can use middleware to efficiently work with a wide range of POS systems. Both Otter and Cuboh, for example, integrate with Revel, Positouch, Micros, Clover, and many more. 

When your customers place an order through your ChowNow-built online ordering, it goes through to your POS, letting you manage everything on one device.

ChowNow's POS integrations work by connecting ordering channels to a POS through an order aggregator, or middleware

No matter which POS you use, you can rely on ChowNow to help your restaurant thrive.

Ready to get started? If you’re a current ChowNow restaurant partner, contact your Restaurant Success Manager to set up POS integration. Not a ChowNow client yet? Schedule a quick call and get to know us better.

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