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Grow your sales with ChowNow

Your insider guide to making the most of the ChowNow Marketplace

Your insider guide to making the most of the ChowNow Marketplace

Give your diners $5 off when they order from you - on us!

Top Tips

For a limited time, your diners will receive $5 off (orders of $25 or more) when they order from you for the first time through the ChowNow app, using the promo code ‘THRIVE’ — fully funded by us! We’ll pay you back for 100% of these redeemed promos every 2 weeks, starting April 19. Read more about the diner credit promo

Add your link to your website

Adding your custom link to your restaurant's website is the best way to get diners to discover your commission-free online ordering and accelerate your Marketplace sales. Simply copy & paste the HTML code to get your link to show!

Add your link to Instagram

Our free integration with Instagram unlocks two new ways to take orders straight from your social media. Have more than one location? This feature isn’t yet available for multiple locations, but we suggest you add your ChowNow link to your bio (or connect your most profitable location).

Educate your staff

Educate your staff

Make sure your team is up to speed on your commission-free ChowNow ordering, how to explain your fully-funded $5 off diner credit to diners, and why it matters for your restaurant and diners.

Employee Scripts

You want to make sure your diners know about these savings and to use the code ‘THRIVE’. Here are some starter scripts for your phone lines, restaurant voicemail, and checkout and order pick-up interactions.

Printable Guides

Place these cheat sheets by your cash register, host stand, or office for quick reference. Armed with these cheat sheets, your staff will know exactly what to say when sharing the great news about these savings. Knowledge is power, so use it to help both your restaurant and your diners!

Video Overview

One of ChowNow’s restaurant experts shares the top three tips to getting the most out of your online ordering.

Share with your diners

Share with your diners

Make sure your diners know about your commission-free online ordering and your $5 off diner credit promotion.

Amplify on your social channels

We’ve rounded up some of the best tips and tools for restaurants who want to supercharge their online ordering.

Tell your diners about the ChowNow Marketplace App

Every order on the Marketplace app is always commission-free. Plus, you’re saving your diners from high fees, too.

Learn more about your diner credit promotion

Be sure your diners know to use the code ‘THRIVE’ to take advantage of the ChowNow funded $5 off diner promotion. Read the FAQs

Extras to Optimize Your Online Presence

Extras to Optimize Your Online Presence

These features and services are here to enhance your ChowNow ordering and help drive more sales.

Adding Photos To Your Online Menu

Including food photos on your menu will help set your restaurant apart–and are proven to increase order sizes and sales. It’s easy to take and add photos through your

The ChowNow Marketplace

The ChowNow Marketplace

Read more about The ChowNow Marketplace’s mission to support restaurants like yours.

A Fair-For-All Marketplace

The ChowNow Marketplace does more than grow your sales and connect you with more diners—it raises awareness about how we can work together to build a more honest food ordering industry.

Real restaurant impact

Learn how ingrained, a self-described “playful snack apothecary” in Chicago, served over 20,000 orders to their loyal diner community in just one year on ChowNow.

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