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Flex Delivery

Smarter delivery has arrived

Dispatch smarter with one of the biggest pools of delivery providers in food. Get the best available coverage and fastest response times for only one flat rate.

2X More Orders

Drive more profits with flat-rate pricing.

Up to 8 Miles

Reach more diners with a range of up to 8 miles.

Save up to 30%

Save on commissions on every delivery order.

Full control with Flex

Tap into our huge network of couriers, or expand your in-house delivery with your own team of drivers. It’s the only solution that adapts to you.

  • Use your drivers or our vast courier network
  • Control your delivery fees
  • Set your own hours and zones
  • 24/7 support for you and diners
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How it works

01. Take delivery orders

On your site or any ChowNow channel. Every order will have a flat delivery fee & no commissions.

02. It’ll sync to your POS

Integrate with Toast, Square, 
and 30+ POS. We’ll process the payment so you can start cooking.

03. We’ll send a driver

With multiple delivery providers, you’ll always get the best coverage and backup drivers just in case.

04. Diners get updates

We’ll also provide 24/7 support for you and your diners—by real humans, not robots.

Peace of mind for a predictable price

No more paying extra for larger tickets or longer distances. With us, every delivery is set at $3.99 for you and $3.99 for diners.*  See how much you can save with flat pricing and zero commissions. See Chart

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*Default pricing is set at $3.99 for restaurants plus $3.99 for diners, but restaurants can adjust prices to cover more or less of the costs.

Ready for reliable delivery?

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Got Questions? We can help.

Do I have to pay a fee on every order fulfilled by ChowNow?

No. With Flex Delivery, you choose what portion of the fee your restaurant pays—you can even choose to pay nothing. However, studies show that restaurants that split the delivery fee with diners see up to 2x more orders than restaurants that pass the entire fee to diners. That’s why we recommend splitting the fee so both your restaurant and its diners pay a flat, predictable rate of $3.99 each per order. With this pricing structure and zero commissions, you can earn more on every delivery.

What delivery fees do my diners pay?

Flex Delivery gives you total control of what your diners and your restaurant pay for deliveries. That being said, when delivery costs are affordable, diners order more often. That’s why we recommend splitting the delivery fee and capping it at $3.99 for diners and $3.99 for your restaurant. We’ve found that restaurants that split delivery costs with diners can get up to double the amount of orders than others.

Are there any fees if I use my own in-house delivery drivers?

No. Your restaurant will pay zero delivery fees if you use your own delivery drivers.

How do I change my delivery zones, fees, or hours?

You can edit your delivery zones, hours, and fees in your ChowNow Dashboard. Tap here for more details.

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