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How to Use this Toolkit

  1. Download these ready to use social graphics. We have a variety of options in all sizes and formats needed for each platform.
  2. Copy and paste our sample captions or use them for inspiration to write your own.
  3. Always link to your commission-free ordering. Be sure to give diners a quick checkout option with ChowNow’s free Instagram and Facebook ordering integrations.

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It's fair-for-all

You can only ask your diners to order your combo plate so many times in a row, try switching it up and pulling at their heartstrings. We all know that heavy commissions and added fees are a pain for restaurants and diners -- so when you post, remind them that ordering through ChowNow is ordering that's fair for all.

Sample Captions

  1. Every ChowNow order helps restaurants save money, so we can share the savings with you. Order better with the ChowNow app.
  2. Pay no hidden fees while restaurants like us save on commissions. Order better with the ChowNow app.

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Support local.

People want to support local and see their hard earned money go to work in the community around them. Remind your diners that on ChowNow they won't find the big chains, but they will be helping you keep your doors open.

Sample Captions

  1. ChowNow doesn’t charge us commissions or add hidden fees to your orders. Find us and save with the app.
  2. Every ChowNow order helps us save on commissions, so we can share the savings with you. Find us and save with the app.

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Tell your diners about your preferred online ordering platform.

Diners have options, be sure they know which choice helps them and you save money.

Sample Captions

  1. Find us on the ChowNow app: Takeout with no commissions for restaurants or hidden fees for you.
  2. Order better with the ChowNow app. Pay no hidden fees while restaurants like us save on commissions.

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Diners save on fees too.

ChowNow never adds hidden fees or menu markups to your orders—other apps can’t say that. Share the love and tell your diners so they are more likely to choose an commission free ordering option.

Sample Captions

  1. No one likes hidden fees. When you order from us using ChowNow you skip the hidden fees and we get to keep 100% of the profits! That’s what we call a win-win.
  2. Join the takeout community that’s fair for all. With ChowNow, you don’t pay high fees and we don’t get slammed by commissions. It’s a win-win.

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Share the love.

Running promotions are a good tool to drive diners to take action—offer 20% off and post about it to drive action

Sample Captions

  1. Save $5 on your first order from us on the ChowNow app with promo code THRIVE.
  2. Save $5 and pay no hidden fees or menu markups with the ChowNow app. Just use promo code THRIVE.

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Happy Posting

When posting be sure to:
  • Increase your reach - Add your location and relevant hashtags for local reach
  • Drive engagement - Tag your favorite food bloggers or small business partners for engagement. Plus, be sure to respond to comments on your posts and replies to stories.
  • Always ask for orders - ChowNow’s free Instagram and Facebook ordering integrations give diners a quick checkout option
  • Prioritize your efforts - You don't have to do it all at once. Focus on Facebook and Instagram first to optimize your efforts before branching out to more platforms.

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