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Online Menu System for Restaurants:

Make your website work harder for you with a simple online menu ordering system.

Get your menu online


Online ordering without an app

  • When you sign up for ChowNow direct or the ChowNow app, you get a unique ordering link that you can embed directly on your restaurant’s website.
  • When diners click on your Order Online button, the online ordering portal appears on the same page, providing a seamless and branded ordering experience.
  • In some cases, you may prefer to separate your website and your online ordering. Linking your ordering portal will open up in a second tab or page.
  • ChowNow’s in-house web team offers complimentary button integration and troubleshooting services, so no need to learn how to code! With your permission, we’ll optimize your Online Order button to get you more sales—making sure that nothing stands between you and your customers.

Customers love it


Web Ordering Is Better For Your Customers

  • Not every one of your diners may be ready to download an ordering app to their phones.
  • Offering web ordering, especially one that’s optimized for mobile device views (like ChowNow) --helps you cast the widest net and reach more customers.

Save Money


Web Ordering Saves You Money

  • If you currently link to a commission-based online ordering option on your website, it may be time to consider swapping it for ChowNow’s online ordering to help you avoid unnecessary fees. You’ll still get the same traffic as before--while keeping more of your hard-earned profits.
  • That’s because diners who visit your website are likely already loyal to your brand, and willing to support you directly.
  • Encourage these customers to go from your main page to your commission-free ordering page in one click--where you also get to save that diner data for future marketing purposes.

Curbside, Takeout, and Dine-In


Get the full course to bring your restaurant online

  • Diners can order ahead for a specific time, or for ASAP while you and your staff can either accept the customer’s time, or adjust the food readiness time based on current kitchen traffic.
  • When enabled, “Curbside Pickup” appears as a third online ordering option next to Pickup and Delivery.
  • Don’t have drivers on staff? Tap into our nationwide network of trusted delivery couriers, and enjoy full control over the fees.
  • ChowNow provides restaurant QR codes to help manage your dine-in operations.

Order Anywhere


How does QR code dining work?

  • With ChowNow’s omnichannel ordering systems, your diners can start their orders from anywhere online.
  • Even better, no matter what channel your diner uses to place an order, it will still show up on the same ChowNow tablet.



Why Customer Data Is Critical to Your Restaurant’s Success

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“Our online ordering through our website and mobile app is our lifeline. We chose ChowNow to be our partner in this—clearly we made the right choice.”

Laura Baldasare,

Apiary Larchmont

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