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How much does ChowNow cost?

Whatever your specific business needs are, ChowNow has a solution for you. Here is a quick overview of how much  ChowNow costs  for our product options.


ChowNow Marketplace

If you are looking for a solution where you can connect with diners, pay $0 in commission on orders, and there are no hidden fees for diners, the ChowNow Marketplace is for you. How much does Chownow Marketplace cost?  There is no subscription fee when you join the Marketplace. You keep 100% of your profits, and the customers you obtain will love the transparent fee structure and excellent customer service.



The Order Better Network

For local restaurants who want to extend their reach and access diners on high-traffic ordering sites such as Google and Yelp, the Order Better Network is the solution that can make that happen with ease.  How much does it cost?  All orders through the Order Better Network have a 12% fee charged to the restaurant. However, with our free Profit Protector, restaurants can pass those charges on to diners by turning on the solution and increasing menu prices. Or, if you want to give your diners a break, keep it off and cover the costs yourself. 


ChowNow Direct

If your restaurant wants all the bells and whistles of a digital solution that can boost your online presence, drive traffic, and online orders, ChowNow Direct is for you. How much does ChowNow cost?  Access Direct for as low as $129/month with no commissions. Just a flat rate for your restaurant, and diners pay the standard credit card fees. That’s it.


ChowNow Delivery

ChowNow offers flexible delivery options for restaurant partners. Aside from pickup and self-delivery, which your restaurant can provide on its own, ChowNow’s Flex Delivery will connect your restaurant with a network of drivers with 24/7 support starting at just $3.99 per delivery.