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Support a local restaurant you love and enjoy a year of discounts.

Purchase a Loyal Local Membership at a restaurant of your choice for a small one-time fee and receive up to 25% off every order for a year.

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Here’s how it works

When you become a Loyal Local Member, you help a local restaurant thrive. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a restaurant

    Choose a restaurant where you’d like to become a member. Each membership applies to a single location.

  2. Select your membership plan

    Select your membership plan based on how much you want to save off each order: 10, 15, or 25% off for an entire year.

  3. Checkout w/ one-time fee

    When you become a member the restaurant receives 100% of the membership fee immediately.

  4. Start enjoying savings

    You automatically receive an ongoing discount on every order you place for the entire year.

Loyal Local Membership Plans

Your membership gives you a discount on every order for an entire year with a one-time membership fee. Start by looking for a restaurant of your choice, then select your plan.

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  • Bronze

    Low cost, reliable savings


    off every order

  • Silver

    Sweeten the deal


    off every order

  • Gold

    The gold standard


    off every order