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Membership Program

Make your best customers even better.

Boost customer loyalty and repeat orders.

Control and customize your own membership program with discounts set by you. It’s the simple way to encourage diners to order more often and directly from your restaurant.

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Introducing Memberships

Memberships increase cash flow while driving customer loyalty. Instead of worrying about points, your customers simply pay an annual membership fee—directly to your restaurant—in exchange for discounts set by you throughout the year.

Rethink what a membership program can do for your restaurant.

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boost cash flow.

By paying upfront, your most loyal customers effectively invest in their loyalty to your restaurant. Their membership fees go straight to you, right when you need it most—now.

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customer loyalty.

When members get a discount every time they order, they spend more and come back more often. They get immediate gratification, and no one has to worry about keeping track of points.

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restaurant profits.

With memberships, you’ll give customers an easy way to pick your restaurant every time. Members are incentivized to order straight from you, so you save big on commissions.

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Built-In Tools to Build Out Your Community

ChowNow offers your restaurant an entire toolkit to nurture long-lasting guest relationships. Get to know your online customers and keep them coming back with loyalty, valuable data, digital marketing, and so much more.

What Others Are Saying

Scottish Bakehouse logo

“It’s a way for our regulars to feel like members of the Scottish Bakehouse family, and a way for us to continue serving our community while financially sustaining the business operations to make that possible.”

Daniele Barrick, Owner
Scottish Bakehouse

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“...One of the most innovative ideas in the restaurant world.”

Afdhel Aziz,

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“With its new loyalty program, ChowNow is giving restaurants tools similar to those employed by the large, successful restaurant brands that incentivize loyalty guests to increase frequency and overall spend”

Tom Kaiser,
Food on Demand

Say goodbye to commissions and hello to loyal customers.

Schedule a demo to get your own commission-free online ordering system, complete with a membership program.

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