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ChowNow is a leader in providing restaurants with online ordering solutions.  Whether helping restaurants boost their takeout and delivery business, to improving engagement with existing customers through custom mobile apps, restaurants rely on ChowNow to profitably get their food into the hands of hungry diners.  With all of the many solutions ChowNow provides, many people often wonder, “How does ChowNow make money?”


What is ChowNow?

ChowNow is an online ordering system that allows customers to order food from local restaurants for delivery, takeout, or curbside pickup.

What makes ChowNow unique among other offerings from household names like DoorDash and Grubhub? ChowNow is uniquely focused on helping small, local restaurants thrive. ChowNow doesn’t impose massive commissions on restaurants that other competing solutions do. This ensures restaurants can profitably use the ChowNow platform and not incur a loss on every online order they process.


What all does ChowNow offer?

There are three distinct offerings ChowNow provides restaurants looking to take advantage of online ordering profitably.

ChowNow Marketplace

For restaurants that want to grow their business by reaching new customers without having to pay excessive commissions, ChowNow Marketplace is the perfect solution for both restaurants and diners alike. Restaurants keep 100% of their profits, and diners don’t have to pay those hidden fees that lurk around with other delivery apps.

The Order Better Network

The Order Better Network is ideal for restaurants who want to extend their reach even further and access hungry diners on high-traffic ordering sites such as Google and Yelp. Restaurants participating in the Order Better Network generate 30% more sales on average!

ChowNow Direct

This offering is for restaurants who want it all! Every tool your restaurant needs to boost your online presence and drive traffic and online orders from diners you get with ChowNow Direct: branded apps, custom marketing, membership, and more. Plus, you get a dedicated Restaurant Success Manager who will provide you with expert advice and ensure your success throughout your ChowNow journey.


How Does ChowNow Make Money?

For ChowNow Direct, our restaurant partners pay a flat rate that breaks down to roughly $3 to $5 per day. We have monthly, annual, and two-year plans. 

The ChowNow Marketplace app is entirely free for restaurants. The only thing for restaurants to consider is a standard credit card processing fee of 2.95% + 15 cents, which covers restaurants in case of fraud and chargebacks.

Orders through the Order Better Network have a 12% charge, but most of our restaurant partners use Profit Protector, so they pay nothing out of pocket. Profit Protector is a feature that automatically adjusts prices for a restaurant’s Order Better Network menu to cover all costs.

Have more questions? Please take a look at our Top FAQs for Restaurants.