FAQ: Affiliates & Partnerships

Learn more about how you can help restaurants thrive—and get rewarded.

Affiliates and referral partners can earn a referral reward of $500 for a successfully referred client who launches their ChowNow Direct.

This $500 is a one-time, flat reward regardless of which package the client chooses: Monthly, Annual, and Two-Year plans are all eligible.

Partnerstack is your program dashboard, where you’ll access your affiliate tools, track payments, find resources, and more.

When you join Partnerstack, you should receive an account activation email from hello@partnerstack.com. If you don’t find the email, make sure to check your spam and promotions folders. Once your account is activated, bookmark your login page at https://dash.partnerstack.com/

If you forget your password, you can reset it here.

For more instructions about using Partnerstack, view our quick-start guide here.

Your rewards are paid out monthly through Paypal or Stripe, whichever provider you choose. You can track the status of your referrals and payments through your Partnerstack dashboard. Learn more about how payouts work in Partnerstack here.

There are two methods for sending restaurants our way.

1. Share your affiliate link with either a specific person or a wider audience. You can find your affiliate link in your Partnerstack dashboard. When someone clicks your link and then fills out a “Schedule a Demo” form on the linked page on get.chownow.com, they’ll be automatically associated with you. See how to find your link within Parterstack in this video.

2. Submit a lead. Within your Partnerstack dashboard, you also have the option to manually send us a lead. Just go to your “Referrals” tab and enter the restaurateur’s information. Learn more about lead submission here.

Most types of food service businesses find ChowNow valuable! This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full-service restaurants
  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Counter-service restaurants
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Franchises
  • Corporate-owned restaurants
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Juice and smoothie concepts
  • Food halls
  • Ice cream parlors
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants within hotels or casinos
  • Stationary food trucks

We want ChowNow clients to fully benefit from our products and the value of their investments. Due to regulations and product fit, we don’t work with:

  • Moving food trucks
  • Home chefs
  • Gentlemen’s clubs
  • Cafeterias that require student meal plans or points as payment
  • Alcohol or liquor stores that do not serve made-to-order food

You’ll receive your $500 reward 30 days after a client launches their ChowNow ordering.

You’ll be able to track your contact’s journey within your Partnerstack dashboard. This is the standard sales and onboarding process for ChowNow clients:

  • A lead is created once you submit a referral or your contact fills out a form on get.chownow.com using your affiliate link.
  • If the lead is a good fit, it’s marked as qualified.
  • If the sale progresses, the lead turns into an opportunity.
  • If the sale is successful, the opportunity is closed-won.
  • Then, the account goes into onboarding. The onboarding process typically takes three to four weeks, but it can vary significantly depending on how responsive the restaurant is during the process.
  • After onboarding is completed, the restaurant’s online ordering launches!

You can message us directly within Partnerstack, or reach out to us at affiliates@chownow.com.

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