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We’ve got some great news! Starting June 7, 2022, we’re making our delivery pricing more predictable, more accessible for a wider range of customers, and more affordable for long distances. Now even more of your diners can get the food they crave—at an affordable, flat rate. With these updates:

  • All delivery orders will be priced at a flat $7.98 per delivery instead of previous variable pricing based on distance.
  • The maximum range of delivery will increase from 5 miles to 8 miles.

You can continue to choose how much of the delivery price is paid by your customer and your existing delivery settings will stay the same until you request a change.

Delivery distance Price prior to 06/07/22 Price as of 06/07/22
<1 mile $6.75 $7.98
≥ 1 < 2 miles $7.75 $7.98
≥ 2 < 3 miles $8.75 $7.98
≥ 3 < 4 miles $9.75 $7.98
≥ 4 < 5 miles $10.75 $7.98
≥ 5 < 6 miles Outside of delivery range $7.98
≥ 6 < 7 miles Outside of delivery range $7.98
≥ 7 < 8 miles Outside of delivery range $7.98

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is ChowNow making this change?

We know you care about your customers and want to serve everyone in your community–both near and far. We made this change to make delivery pricing for you and your diners more predictable, increase the distance your food can be delivered, and make longer deliveries more affordable for your restaurant.

How much do my diners pay?

This decision is still up to you! You have full control over how you and your diners split the $7.98 flat fee. Our recommendation is to set your diner’s cost to $3.99 and cover the rest–based on our data, we’ve found that passing on fewer fees to your diners could double your delivery orders.

How do I update my delivery fee to the recommended $3.99 pricing?

Contact your ChowNow Success Manager and they will help you update your delivery pricing.

Am I required to pay for delivery fees?

No, you can always choose what portion of the fee your restaurant pays-including nothing at all. However, if your goal is to increase your delivery orders and reach more diners outside of your immediate area, our research shows that passing on fewer fees to your diners could increase delivery orders by up to 2x.

Will I still have 24/7 Delivery Support?

Yes! Our 24/7 Delivery Support Team remains included so you can rest assured that someone on our team is always tracking your orders and available to help.

I have more questions about this change.

Please contact your ChowNow Success Manager.