FAQ: Diner Credits and Rewards for Referrals | ChowNow
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What is the diner credit offer?

Beginning July 28 through September 30, ChowNow is funding a $5 off credit on one order of $30 or more. This is available to all diners who order from you using the ChowNow marketplace app for the first time – no code needed.


What is the referral offer?

Coming this summer, ChowNow will pay you $10 for every diner you refer to the ChowNow marketplace app who places a first-time order of $30 or more.


If I opt into both programs, will my customers and I both be rewarded?

Yes! If you opt into both the credit program and the referral program, every qualifying diner you refer to the ChowNow marketplace who places an order subtotaling $30 or more will receive a $5 credit and earn you a $10 reward.


What if I want to opt out of these offers and not participate? 

You can opt out of either of these offers by reaching out to your Restaurant Success Manager by July 27, before the offers automatically go live on July 28. If you wish to opt out after July 28, you can reach out to your RSM to have the offers deactivated. 


When will the diner credits be live on the ChowNow marketplace?

For current live restaurant partners that do not opt-out, this offer will be live starting July 28. For new restaurant partners who opt-in, the offer will be active on the ChowNow marketplace as soon as you go live.


When will I be paid out for the diner credit by ChowNow?

Restaurants will be paid out by ChowNow two times per month beginning August 9, 2021. 


Can I choose to deactivate this offer prior to the promo end date (September 30)?

If you wish to turn off the offer prior to September 30 you will need to reach out to your RSM to have the offer deactivated. 


Can alcohol be included in the $30 subtotal required to qualify for the discount?



To qualify for the discount, does the diner’s final total need to be $30? Or the subtotal?

The diner’s subtotal must be $30 or more.


How can I track promo redemption?

Promo redemptions are tracked in your ChowNow admin account and can be viewed by you at any time.


Can a diner use the promo code multiple times?

Diners can redeem the promotion only one time at your restaurant.


How can I earn referral rewards?

Coming soon, we’ll equip you with a unique affiliate link and QR code, which you can share with your customers online and in-store. For every first-time ChowNow marketplace user that places an order of $30 or more through your link, you’ll receive $10.


What will happen when a customer clicks my referral link or scans my QR code?

When a diner clicks on the link or scans the QR code, they’ll be directed into the ChowNow marketplace app. If the diner doesn’t have the ChowNow marketplace app yet, the link will first redirect them to the appropriate app store to download it. Once downloaded, the diner will then be automatically redirected into the ChowNow marketplace app.


Can I track my referrals?

Yes, you will be able to track all of your referrals. 


ChowNow is running (and funding) the following promotion from July 28, 2021 through September 30, 2021: diners receive $5 off any order of $30 or more placed on the ChowNow marketplace.  This promotion will be highlighted on all restaurant specific ChowNow web pages in order to maximize incremental order volume to our restaurant partners and value to diners.  ChowNow will fund this promotion with direct payments to restaurants that have rebated transactions no less than twice monthly during the promotion. If you do not wish to participate in this promotion, please respond to this email with history requesting that ChowNow opt you out of this promotion.  If you do not opt out, you will automatically be included in the promotion, and the payment terms in your agreement with ChowNow will be deemed amended during the promotion to account for these rebated transactions.