ChowNow Delivery Fee: EverythingYou Need to Know | ChowNow
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Everyone loves the benefits of on-demand food delivery. But when it comes time to pay for those food orders, things can get a little interesting when the delivery fees are added to the order. Add in service fees, taxes, and tips, and charges can quickly increase by 20%. We are familiar with the delivery costs from such apps as DoorDash and UberEats, but how does the ChowNow delivery fee stack up? 


Does ChowNow offer delivery? 

Yes! ChowNow offers delivery on all orders from its platform.  When you make a food purchase on ChowNow, it will be delivered to you no differently than placing orders on others sites such as DoorDash, UberEats, or Grubhub.  And if you want to order takeout and pick up your order from the restaurant or get curbside service, ChowNow allows for these options


Does ChowNow have its own delivery drivers?

ChowNow connects its restaurant partners with a network of delivery providers rather than employing drivers directly.  Instead of paying a large commission on every order, ChowNow restaurant partners pay a low, flex rate delivery fee.  Restaurants have the freedom to automatically pass the entire cost of delivery on to their customers or split the bill.

Unlike other online ordering companies, ChowNow doesn’t charge both the restaurant and the customer for delivery. This way, pricing is simple, transparent, and predictable.


So what is the ChowNow delivery fee?

Since ChowNow charges restaurants a set fee for delivery, these same restaurants have the flexibility to pass on the entire delivery cost to their customers or share the cost with their customers. ChowNow delivery fees will vary by restaurant or location.

However, ChowNow encourages our restaurant partners to split the delivery cost with their customers. Doing this makes it favorable for customers, who experience delivery fees as low as $3.99 per order, far less than other food delivery options. Plus, with ChowNow, customers obtain 24/7 delivery support. Lower costs and great service make for an excellent food delivery experience with ChowNow.