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Welcome to the ChowNow Collective!

Your guide to members-only benefits

Your guide to members-only benefits

Give your diners 20% off when they order from you - on us!

Top Tips

For a limited time, your diners will receive 20% off their first order of $25 or more through the ChowNow app--fully funded by us! We’ll pay you back for 100% of these redeemed promos every 2 weeks, starting Dec. 15, 2021. Read more about the diner credit promo

Add your link to your website

Adding your custom link to your restaurant's website is the best way to get diners to discover your online ordering and kickstart your diner referral program. Simply copy & paste the HTML code to get your link to show!

Tell your diners about the ChowNow Marketplace App

Every order on the Marketplace app is always commission-free. Plus, you’re saving your diners from high fees, too.

Get rewarded for diner referrals*

  • In our upcoming incentive program from now through Mar. 31, Collective members will receive $100 for every 25 first-time diners you refer to the ChowNow Marketplace app (up to $25,000).
  • If you’ve opted into our diner credit program, your diners will receive a limited-time discount off their first order through the ChowNow app--on us. We’ll pay you back for 100% of these redeemed promos every 2 weeks, starting Dec 15. Read more about the diner credit promo here.

Educate your staff

Educate your staff

Next, make sure your team is up to speed on what ChowNow is, how to explain ChowNow and your fully-funded diner credit promo to guests, and why it matters for your restaurant.

Employee Scripts

Not sure how to talk about your ChowNow diner credit promo? Here are some starter scripts for your phone lines, restaurant voicemail, and checkout and order pick-up interactions.

Printable Guides

Place these cheat sheets about ChowNow and your diner credit promotion by your cash register, host stand, or office for quick reference. You’ll have the main talking points covered!

Video Overview

One of ChowNow’s restaurant experts shares the top three tips to getting the most out of your online ordering.

Share with your diners


Get all the marketing support you need to promote your new online ordering and your 20% off diner credit promo to your guests.

Learn more about your diner credit promotion

Your diners can get up to 20% off their first-time ChowNow app order of $25 - fully funded by us. Read the FAQs

Advertise around your restaurant

We’re sending you some complimentary marketing cards, a window cling, and counter signs. Use these to boost the message to your diners that it’s time to order for good, while saving on fees. We’re also here to help you strategize using these tools!

Amplify on your social channels

Your diners won't know they can save through ChowNow if you don't tell them! Broadcast your link on your social channels to drive business.

Get even more marketing

Need more collateral? Contact us or visit for additional marketing collateral.

The ChowNow Marketplace


Read more about The ChowNow Marketplace’s mission to support restaurants like yours.

A Fair-For-All Marketplace

As a partner of the ChowNow Marketplace, you’re keeping 100% of your hard earned profits and helping your diners order delicious food without any hidden fees.

Real restaurant impact

Learn how ingrained, a self-described “playful snack apothecary” in Chicago, served over 20,000 orders to their loyal diner community in just one year on ChowNow. Read their success story

Join the network.

Take orders from the world’s most popular sites.

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Terms & Conditions

*Terms & Conditions: Offer of $100 for every 25 diners you refer to the ChowNow Marketplace app applies with respect to every 25 diners who use the ChowNow Marketplace iPhone or Android App for the first time between 12/01/21 - 03/31/22 to place an order with your restaurant location. The maximum referral payment that can be earned is $25,000 per restaurant location. Payments will be made in the 2nd week of every month for the previous month's referrals. No partial or pro-rated payments will be made, however, eligible orders will be carried over on a month-to-month basis during the promotion period. ChowNow will be monitoring this program for fraud and reserves the right to halt payment should fraudulent activity be detected as determined by ChowNow in its sole discretion. To be eligible, diners must be signed in and placing an order in the ChowNow Marketplace App for the first time, in accordance with the App’s Terms and Conditions. Offer runs from Dec. 1, 2021, 12:00 AM PST to 03/31/22, 12:00 AM PST.

**ChowNow is running (and funding) the following promotion from December 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022: diners receive $5 off any order of $25 or more placed on the ChowNow Marketplace. This promotion will be highlighted on all restaurant specific ChowNow web pages in order to maximize incremental order volume to our restaurant partners and value to diners. ChowNow will fund this promotion with direct payments to restaurants that have rebated transactions no less than twice monthly during the promotion. If you do not wish to participate in this promotion, please respond to this email with history requesting that ChowNow opt you out of this promotion. If you do not opt out, you will automatically be included in the promotion, and the payment terms in your agreement with ChowNow will be deemed amended during the promotion to account for these rebated transactions.

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