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Logo Usage

The preferred way to use the ChowNow logo is over a white/light background. The logotype should never be removed from the ChowNow “pin” icon.

Clear Space
Make sure there is an ample amount of clear space surrounding the logo shown as in the diagrams on the right.
Horizontal vs Vertical
The vertical logo is most commonly used across ChowNow collateral, however you may choose to use the horizontal logo when it fits better. Use your discretion when it comes to application.
logo usage

Pin Usage

The pin icon is used on ChowNow mobile apps and on any marketing materials where social media icons are used.

The ChowNow logo pin can be used in white, red, or charcoal. It can be subtly styled to fit into social media icon sets. The ChowNow pin can lie on most colors, but should follow the same guidelines as the main logo when it comes to backgrounds that aren’t white.
pin usage

Application on Backgrounds

When the ChowNow logo is used on any type of background that is not white, it should be rendered completely white. In keeping with the brand’s consistency, try to use the logo on the colors as outlined in this guide.

application backgrounds

Partner Logos

When using the ChowNow logo in conjunction with a partner logo, allow ample space in between. Place a divider line approximately the height of the ChowNow pin to allow for more clearance.

partner logos

Powered By

The Powered by ChowNow tag is used in the mobile app as well as marketing collateral.

powered by

Dos and Dont's

Please do not:

  1. Change the logo’s orientation
  2. Add extraneous effects to the logo. This includes but is not limited to: bevel and emboss, lighting effects, and drop shadows
  3. Place the logo on busy photography
  4. Change the logo colors
  5. Attempt to recreate the logo
  6. Scale the logo disproportionally
  7. Make alterations, additions, or substitutions to the words and/or colors contained in the logo
  8. Use the logo as a repeated pattern, wallpaper, or other decorative device
  9. Display the logotype without the pin
dos and don'ts

ChowNow Colors

Our colors are what gives us personality. We’re bright, bold, and super awesome. We have our logo colors and supporting palette. Try to use the logo colors sparingly so as to not outshine our logo.

Primary Colors

  • Goji Berry

    RGB 250 78 78 HEX/HTML F94E4E PMS 1785 C

  • Squid Ink

    RGB 14 32 51 HEX/HTML 0E2033 PMS 5395 C

  • Fondant

    RGB 238 237 234 HEX/HTML EEEDEA PMS 11-0602 TCX

Secondary Colors

  • Fig

    RGB 47 72 176 HEX/HTML 2F48B0 PMS 2126 C

  • Black

    RGB 00 00 00 HEX/HTML 000000 PMS BLACK 6 C

  • White

    RGB 255 255 255 HEX/HTML FFFFFF PMS 000 C


  • Peel

    RGB 249 96 61 HEX/HTML F9603D PMS 171 C

  • Peach

    RGB 249 152 133 HEX/HTML F99885 PMS 1625 C

  • Grapefruit

    RGB 252 209 200 HEX/HTML FCD1C8 PMS 4032 C

  • Custard

    RGB 252 239 84 HEX/HTML FCEF54 PMS 3935 C

  • Apricot

    RGB 246 199 116 HEX/HTML F6C774 PMS 1355 C

  • Cream

    RGB 248 237 205 HEX/HTML F8EDCD PMS 7506 XGC

  • Matcha

    RGB 5 196 137 HEX/HTML 05C489 PMS 3395 XGC

  • Pistachio

    RGB 80 175 90 HEX/HTML 50AF5A PMS 2270 XGC

  • Honeydew

    RGB 175 238 223 HEX/HTML AFEEDF PMS 628 XGC

  • Elderberry

    RGB 80 205 249 HEX/HTML 50CDF9 PMS 2985 XGC

  • Marble

    RGB 223 244 244 HEX/HTML DFF4F4 PMS 545 XGC

  • Latte

    RGB 818 169 161 HEX/HTML B5A9A1 PMS WARM GRAY 5 XGC


Matter ChowNow is the primary typeface for ChowNow in digital and print.

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