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Introducing Instagram Ordering with ChowNow

May 8th, 2018 In The News Online Ordering System Social Media Written by Emily Neudorf

ChowNow Instagram Food Ordering

Instagram has surpassed 500 million daily active users worldwide, who spend more than 32 minutes a day scrolling, liking, and posting visual content. As consumers spend more time on social media, ChowNow is innovating to ensure your restaurant can reach customers where they are.

Today we unveil ChowNow’s newest ordering channel: Instagram. ChowNow’s integration with Instagram gives your followers the ability to place a ChowNow order directly from your restaurant’s Instagram profile.

Now, you can take your Instagram followers from scrolling to ordering, with the tap of a button. Read on to learn how L.A. based restaurant HomeState has grown their business with Instagram and ChowNow — and how you can, too.

HomeState’s Story

When Briana Valdez opened HomeState in December 2013, she and her team were on a mission to bring the Tex-pat community of Los Angeles together through authentic Tex-Mex cuisine and a nostalgic atmosphere inspired by her childhood in San Antonio. From real-deal breakfast tacos made with handmade tortillas, to thoughtfully curated music, to that undeniable Texas hospitality, Briana successfully created a restaurant that felt like home to those aching for the Lone Star State, and for those simply craving community.

Since opening their first 800-square-foot location in Los Feliz, HomeState has been — quite literally — overflowing with guests. Online ordering has multiplied their potential reach and introduced an easier guest experience — allowing even more customers the opportunity to try their food and bypass the line by ordering ahead. Briana’s customers will often order with ChowNow, grab their food at the counter, and then proceed to pull up a chair. HomeState just has that effect on people: a quick to-go order turns into drinking Palomas over warm queso and good conversation with new friends.

ChowNow Instagram HomeState Briana Valdez

Taking the Restaurant Experience Beyond Brick and Mortar

Just a few years ago it used to be that you had to visit a restaurant to truly experience it. That’s not the case anymore for local restaurants like HomeState, who are growing their business in the age of storytelling and social media. HomeState’s daily Instagram posts and behind the scenes stories transport you to the restaurant. Today, HomeState has over 11,000 Instagram followers, all tuning in to explore their menu and meet the people that power it.

ChowNow Instagram HomeState Quote 2

It’s Here: ChowNow Allows Your Customers to Order from Instagram

Now, restaurants like HomeState are taking their Instagram followers from exploration to action — by giving them the ability to place a ChowNow order directly from their Instagram profile. With ChowNow’s Instagram integration, restaurants are provisioned with a “Start Order” call-to-action button on their Instagram business profile. Mouth watering from that picture of Frito Pie? Order it in an instant. Inspired by the staff cooking up a storm in HomeState’s latest story, but can’t make it for a sit-down dinner? Tap “Start Order,” and get it for pickup or delivery.

This past March Briana opened her second HomeState location in Highland Park. While you can (and should) stop by either HomeState location to experience their unique culture and taste their food that’s truly made with love, you can (and should) explore HomeState’s Instagram to get a little taste in the meantime — and place an order for takeout while you’re at it.

ChowNow Instagram HomeState Quote 3

How to Get Instagram Ordering for Your Restaurant

If you’re a ChowNow client that has an Instagram Business Profile, you’re in luck! We’ll set you up with Instagram Ordering, at no additional cost and included in your ChowNow ordering platform.

For new ChowNow clients, here are a few tips to ensure you can be set up with Instagram ordering:

  • Make sure you have a Business Profile on Instagram. Here’s how to set one up.
  • Go to your restaurant’s Facebook Page and link your Instagram Business Profile. Here’s how to connect them.
  • Once your Instagram Business Profile is linked to your primary Facebook Page, we’ll add a Start Order button to your Instagram, which will drive customers to your ChowNow menu. No additional cost and no additional work on your end!

Own a restaurant, but not using ChowNow to take orders? You too can give your followers the ability to discover your food and order it directly through Instagram — included when you sign up for ChowNow. Get started with a free ChowNow product demo today.

Emily Neudorf

Emily Neudorf is on the Marketing Team at ChowNow and loves architecture, music and of course, discovering great restaurants. She considers Chicago and Los Angeles two of the world’s finest food cities — though the quest is far from over.
Emily Neudorf

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