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The ChowNow Marketplace: Leading the Commission-Free Movement

November 11th, 2021 Restaurant Tech Written by Ariana Chomitz

Two of ChowNow's restaurant partners pose in their kitchen, celebrating their commission-free ordering movement.

In the world of food ordering marketplaces, commission-based pricing and unnecessarily high fees have become the norm. With charges hidden in plain sight such as menu markups, small cart fees or city fees, independent restaurants can lose as much as 30% in profits on any given order.

The pandemic acted as a catalyst for the general public to take a closer look at delivery apps and their impact on small businesses. When nationwide “stay-at-home” orders shuttered doors, restaurants turned to delivery and online ordering to stay in touch with their customers, who followed them to these digital channels.  Already coping with the loss of dine-in revenue, independent restaurants saw their profits drop even further due to the prevalence of online fees. 

Many cities moved to protect their small businesses, gig workers and consumers with temporary caps on commissions and fees. Some, like San Francisco, have even moved to make these regulations permanent.  Still, some delivery apps are charging the same fees where they can, and even fighting to reverse fee-capping regulations.

ChowNow has always championed a more sustainable, commission-free movement—we believe that restaurants and diners deserve a fairer way to do business. Long before commissions were in the spotlight, we pioneered commission-free ordering back in 2011, and since then have helped over 20,000 restaurants take ownership of their ordering experience, and countless diners save money on their online orders.

In March 2020, ChowNow launched the ChowNow Marketplace, the first-of-its-kind nationwide marketplace designed to support fairer ordering. By creating a sustainable way for local restaurants and diners to connect, we know that communities will be stronger for it. 

ChowNow's commision-free marketplace helps restaurants and diners

Delivering fairness with every order.

The ChowNow Marketplace was designed to be different–a fair-for-all alternative for restaurants and diners. 

Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • We don’t charge commissions to restaurants, and we don’t charge diners unfair fees.
  • We grant restaurants full access to their diner data so they can stay in control of their brand and their diner relationships.
  • We give restaurants the flexibility to set up their ordering how they want it with self-service menu editing, photo uploading, and flat-fee delivery on demand.
  • Fair business means that everyone wins.

We’re thrilled that restaurants, diners, lawmakers and other tech companies are joining together to change online ordering for the better, and proud that ChowNow has always been at the forefront of the commission-free movement.  

Take action.

If you’re hungry for change, speak to one of our experts today to join our fair-for-all ordering platform, or order from the ChowNow Marketplace to keep helping local restaurants thrive.


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