ChowNow Discover: FAQ for Restaurants
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ChowNow Discover: FAQ for Restaurants

May 4th, 2017 Online Ordering System

ChowNow Discover

Have a question about ChowNow Discover? Check out our helpful FAQ below for answers to top questions from ChowNow restaurant clients.

ChowNow Discover: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to see ChowNow Discover in action?

Download the ChowNow iPhone app or go to from your web browser to see Discover in action.


How do I get my restaurant on ChowNow Discover?

For restaurants interested in reaching new customers through Discover, request a free ChowNow product demo to get started.


How will pricing work for ChowNow Discover?

Update: As of March 2020, Discover is now free for all ChowNow restaurant partners.

Previously, there was a one-time finder’s fee of 30% of the subtotal of the first order. No fees on tax or tip.

The 30% finder’s fee was only associated with ChowNow Discover. You will never pay a % (commission, or finder’s fee, or anything else) on orders coming from ChowNow Direct. You’ll also never be charged a finder’s fee for your existing ChowNow customers who place an order at your restaurant through Discover.

Unlike other online ordering marketplaces that charge a commission on every order (including all repeat customers), we will never charge you again for your new customer. Whenever that customer orders from you again, whether it be on Discover or Direct, 100% of that order revenue is all yours, always.

As with ChowNow Direct, you’ll receive all of the customer data from your ChowNow Discover orders to drive your business and marketing strategy.


Do I have to have ChowNow Direct in order to use ChowNow Discover?

Yes. Your restaurant must use ChowNow Direct in order to use ChowNow Discover. Like a Cabernet to a filet, or a cup of tomato soup to a grilled cheese sandwich: these two products complement one another.


Will I receive customer information for the orders I receive from ChowNow Discover?

Yes. Just like ChowNow Direct, we will always share insights and analytics on every order you receive from the ChowNow Discover platform. We will never share this information with other businesses.


Can I opt out if I’m not ready for new customers through ChowNow Discover?

No problem. Please email and we’ll update your ChowNow account accordingly.


How do I opt back in when I’m ready to reach more customers through ChowNow Discover?

Easy! Just email and we’ll update your ChowNow account accordingly.


Where can I submit my feedback on the product?

We’re all ears. Please email and we’ll share your suggestions with the team. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!


Where can I go to learn more about Discover?

Check out this blog post to learn all about Discover from our CEO and co-founder Chris Webb.



Don’t see your question covered above? Please let us know! Email and a member of our team will gladly assist.

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