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ChowNow Client Story: XOCO

December 30th, 2014 Written by Emily Neudorf


Arthur Mullen, Manager at Rick Bayless’ Mexican street food restaurant XOCO, uses ChowNow to process high to-go order volumes at his bustling downtown Chicago location.

And you could say he’s a fan of his online ordering solution. “Asking my favorite thing about ChowNow is really a hard question for me to answer. It’s almost as if you said, ‘what’s your favorite part of Diet Coke?’ I like every part of it.”


Arthur pinpoints three ChowNow features that have helped streamline to-go operations and strengthen customer relationships at XOCO:


  1. Little to no training required. The ChowNow software is iPad-based and highly intuitive, unlike some restaurant operating solutions that Arthur and his staff have had to learn in the past.
  2. Customize menus on the fly. As XOCO’s menu changes seasonally, Arthur can log into the ChowNow Dashboard and change their offerings in real time.
  3. Track customer trends. With ChowNow, Arthur’s team has visibility into their top to-go customers, so they can ensure XOCO regulars feel like a VIP at every visit.

Be sure to watch the rest for more insights—and mouthwatering shots of XOCO’s signature dishes.

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