9 Restaurants You Can’t Miss at Coachella 2017
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9 Restaurants You Can’t Miss at Coachella 2017

April 12th, 2017 Client Spotlight Written by Selena Slavenburg

It’s that time of the year again. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is coming to town.

Prepare yourself for hoards of music fans, countless crop tops, Palm Springs pool parties, last-minute ticket swaps, and of course: craveable festival eats.

In the spirit of festival season, we’ve rounded up our top 9 restaurants making an appearance at Coachella this year. From BBQ to Poke, vegan-friendly to meat-heavy, here’s the mouthwatering lineup.

The 9 Restaurants You Can’t Miss at Coachella 2017

1. Plan Check

Plan Check ChowNow

Known and loved for their melt-in-your-mouth burger patties and signature ketchup leather, Plan Check will be serving up their creations at Coachella 2017 in the Main VIP area.

2. Phorage

Phorage ChowNow

Pho-natics rejoice! Phorage will be churning out noodles nonstop from the Beer Barn this year.

3. Sweetfin Poké

Sweetfin ChowNow

The folks at Coachella know it’s impossible for L.A. locals to give up poke bowls for a full weekend — thankfully Sweetfin will be in the Main VIP area for you to satisfy any Hawaiian food cravings right when they hit.

4. Trejo’s Tacos

Trejo's Tacos ChowNow

Taco’s, burritos and bowls — oh my! Get your Mexican food fix this year from Trejo’s Tacos, who will be posted up in the Beer Barn.

5. Fritzi Coop

Fritzi Coop ChowNow

The “home of the naked fried chicken” — Fritzi Coop — will be available for all to try this year at the Boardwalk. If you haven’t tasted their batter-free, crispy creations yet, don’t miss your chance.

6. Holy Cow

Holy Cow BBQ ChowNow

L.A.’s infamous BBQ joint makes an appearance at the Boardwalk this year. Fill up on their popular plates and sandwiches to your heart’s content (and don’t forget a side of mac n cheese).

7. Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger ChowNow

Caffeine addicts will not be suffering thanks to GGET at Coachella this year. Get your favorite latte and some breakfast goodies at Coachella’s Boardwalk.

8. Backyard Bowls

Backyard Bowls ChowNow

According to Backyard Bowls, “Beyoncé may have pulled out of the Coachella lineup but our lineup will never disappoint”. Amen, BB. Get their tasty acai bowls and smoothies from the Main VIP area.

9. Bludso’s Bar & Que

Bludso's Bar and Que ChowNow

Slow-smoked, saucy, and dangerously addicting. L.A.’s beloved Bludso’s will be positioned at Coachella’s Beer Barn this year.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to hit up all 9 of these food stands during one Coachella weekend (prove us wrong, we dare you). BUT, you can get every delicious dish above when you’re back to reality in L.A. and in festival recovery mode — just order online directly through the restaurant’s website or mobile app, powered by ChowNow.

You’re welcome. Now excuse us while we finalize our outfits…

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