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5 Steps to Choose a Restaurant Online Ordering Platform

August 4th, 2015 Online Ordering System Restaurant Tech Written by Mike Ganino |
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restaurant online ordering

Your customers have come to rely on the ability to place orders online at their favorite restaurant. Online Ordering is pretty much a basic expectation these days.  It was over 20 years ago when the first restaurant online ordering sites began to launch — and these days there are many options.

If you haven’t started offering online ordering yet, you are not alone. If you are still trying to figure out how to give your customers the best experience while growing your business and not breaking the bank — well, you are not alone there either.

The key to adopting any technology solution is making sure it aligns with your restaurant’s core needs. Here’s our list of the top five things you should consider when choosing an online ordering partner:


Keep your options open as your brand and to-go business grows. Locking yourself into an all-in-one relationship with your POS vendor looks good on paper but can limit your options later if they raise the price or change the capabilities.


Look for a solution that allows your brand to shine. Your online ordering and mobile app should look and feel polished and well-designed while letting your food, logo, and brand step to the forefront. Your customers are smart and deserve an online and mobile experience that matches the great work your team does inside of your restaurant.


Your customers will be providing their email address and contact information when they order online, and you should have access to that information. Additionally, you need to be able to see how frequently they order from you, who your biggest online customers are, and who hasn’t come back in awhile. Many online ordering vendors don’t allow the restaurant access to the customer data — so buyer beware. Having access to your customer database is critical to growing your sales, your brand, and your customer relationships.


There are a few models out there for pricing, but the biggest one you want to avoid is where you are paying a high commission for every order that comes in. This is the way the two biggest companies out there work — and it isn’t helping your business. Think of it this way: every time one of your loyal/regular customers come into your restaurant, you have to pay a “tax” to serve that customer. Some restaurants are charged up to 30% by online ordering portal sites like GrubHub and Seamless. Other options like ChowNow charge an affordable, flat-rate monthly subscription. That’s significant revenue you can put back into your business.


With so many options for online and mobile ordering, you will want to find a provider that invests in continual innovation. Look for a track record of enhancements and upgrades that benefit your customers and streamline your operations. Ask about what is in the pipeline for future upgrades as well. You’ll want to make sure you partner with a company that is going to stay ahead of the curve and bring new solutions to the table to keep you ahead of the competition.

Want to hear more about the ChowNow solution and how it checks off all five of the boxes above? Click here to request a FREE demo.

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