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Having a direct online ordering system for restaurants is essential to success.  As more diners skip the restaurant dining room and order more food-to-go, having a robust restaurant online ordering system could be the difference between success and failure.

There are a number of online ordering systems for restaurants available in the market.  Many of these options come from well-known providers such as DoorDash, UberEats, and Postmates.  But are the offerings by these companies the best option for your restaurant in 2022?  

Breakaway from the traditional big guys or add these lesser-known but even better options to your online ordering portfolio and increase your sales and diner loyalty in 2022.  While the possibilities for you are almost limitless, we have broken down these top 3 options for online ordering systems you should consider in 2022.


Best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants in 2022



ChowNow will provide your restaurant with a full suite of online ordering tools to ensure you benefit from the explosion in take-out and delivery.  Need a website?  How about a custom mobile app?  Whatever online ordering solution you need, ChowNow has the tools to support you.

But what makes ChowNow the top option for your restaurant’s online ordering, aside from the tools you will find offered by many competing solutions, is its focus on making the experience beneficial for both restaurants and diners.  

Unlike its competitors, ChowNow is also a commission-free online marketplace for restaurants with no hidden fees to diners. It’s a well-known fact that restaurants usually lose money on orders from other marketplacesWith ChowNow, restaurants can keep all of the profits! Restaurants can sign on for free to the ChowNow Marketplace, connect with hungry diners, and feel good about not having to pay out upwards of 40% in commissions.

And diners want to help restaurants be successful, too.  They know the big guys in the industry’s burden on local restaurant success with their hefty fees.  ChowNow has recently launched the Diner Impact Score. This innovative tool helps diners see their impact on their local communities by keeping track of the dollar amount they are saving the restaurants they love in commissions when they use the ChowNow platform to order food.  



GloriaFood provides an online ordering system for restaurants that will turn your website into a money-making machine.  They allow your restaurant to take unlimited orders from your website at no added cost. They provide a range of free tools, such as mobile ordering, that can give your restaurant the tools it needs to keep up with your competitors. 

If you have a stable clientele and need to give your diners access to the tools that will allow them to continue doing business with your restaurant with ease, GloriaFood is an excellent option for you.  

However, what GloriaFood lacks is the opportunity to drive new customers and awareness.  There is a reason heavyweights like DoorDash and UberEats command such a significant market share.  Even with the high fees they charge, they bring new and recurring customers back to restaurants consistently. 

If your restaurant also needs and wants to attract more diners, you may have to supplement GloriaFood with a larger marketplace option.  Or, you could also use ChowNow, which provides all the same online ordering tools as GloriaFood and a commission-free marketplace you can join for free as an alternative to the big guys like DoorDash.



Like GloriaFood, if your restaurant is looking for a hidden gem to power your online ordering, you should check out BentoBox.  In keeping with our trend to look at options that give you the most bang for your buck, BentoBox fits into this category.  

Looking for all of the basics of online ordering, such as your website, mobile ordering solution, analytics to track performance, gift cards, and reservation and delivery solution integrations, BentoBox has it all for you.  

Again, if you need a tool that gives you control of your online ordering and helps you maximize the business you get from your loyal clientele, BentoBox will meet your needs.  


Which Options Are Best For Your Restaurant?

While there are countless online ordering systems for restaurants on the market, it is essential to consider your restaurant’s individual needs when deciding on a vendor.  You want the ability to cost-effectively provide your current, loyal customers with the tools to make it easy for them to continue supporting your restaurant. 

And you also want to ensure you have a solution that will help you increase awareness and drive new diners to your restaurant.  A solution that can do both for you at a price point that allows you to remain profitable is the direction you want to go.